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Burnout Survey Update

More than 4,000 of you participated in our 2022 system wide Maslach Burnout Survey. Thank you so much! The information you shared about your work experience is allowing us to better see the world through your eyes. We’re now identifying and prioritizing opportunities to help improve the team experience for everyone in our health care system.

“We thank you for responding to this important survey,” said Rick Merrill, President and CEO of Cook Chlldren's Health Care System. "You have given us meaningful insight into your world and your experience at Cook Children's, and we are grateful. We want to take thoughtful, meaningful action to make this a place where you always feel like family and are fulfilled working here. It will take us some time, but you have my full commitment that we will see this through."

As promised, we want to give you a quick update on how we are sharing survey results and steps we’re taking to act on what we learned.   

We started by sharing results with executives throughout the system, and each executive was asked to share the results with their leadership teams. If you haven’t already, you should learn the results from your manager or director very soon, as we’ve asked them to complete the rollout of survey results by April 30.

Based on the survey results, we identified approximately 60 departments as priority areas that need additional support. Starting in April, the burnout team will conduct focus groups with team members from these departments. These meetings will give us insight into any changes within the teams over the past few months. It will also give us the opportunity for open discussions about the survey’s findings so that we can delve deeper into ways to help.

In addition to the group focused specifically on burnout, we created an Experience Task Force to review data from all of the tools we use to listen to you, such as the Maslach Burnout survey, ID&E “Open Arms” survey and quality and safety and Magnet surveys. Using these resources, the task force has learned that there are common themes for the issues impacting staff throughout the system. These include:

  • Education
  • Inclusion
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Workload

The Experience Task Force has begun working with responsible areas to identify possible solutions and opportunities for each issue.  As an example, we are conducting listening tours with almost 1,000 employees regarding our employee benefit offerings.

Our physician wellness advocates, Sara Garza, M.D., and Kirk Pinto, M.D., have also been working to roll out physician burnout survey results and are holding listening tours with clinics and departments within the Cook Children’s Physician Network.  As part of these meetings, the team will be working with wellness champions from each area to take part in co-creating solutions for physicians. They hope to have most meetings completed by the end of May.

Results of the burnout survey for the System can be seen below.  If you have questions about your department’s results, please reach out to your manager or director.

And stay tuned for further updates on how we tackling the bulleted issues listed above.

Thank you for helping us connect the dots between the important job that you do and the positive and fulfilling work experience we want every employee to experience each day.

Burnout Survey Snapshot
Identified System Opportunities - Burnout