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Connect Newsletter (March 10, 2022)

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March 10, 2022

Workday CoverMajor System Announcement: Welcome To Workday!

We have exciting news for you! Workday is headed to Cook Children’s! As Cook Children’s identifies more ways to elevate our Team Experience, we needed an integrated system with features and functionality to help take us to the next level. It will also change how you access your employee information at Cook Children's, such as:

  • Compensation and Benefits Details
    • Requests for time off (PTO)
    • Pay
  • Annual performance review system (today known as PACE)
  • Absences
  • Expenses
  • Purchases

The employee-focused technology is set to launch in April 2023.

Learn more about Workday and what it means for you!


1920_pitdodsonHow One Woman’s Generosity to Cook Children's Has Shaped Health Care for North Texas

During Women's History Month this March, we will be spotlighting inspiring women at Cook Children's. We begin with Pit Dodson and how her impact has reached every corner of Cook Children’s campus, shaped every service and touched every patient’s life in some way, big or small. 

Her gifts have supported the Cook Children’s Dodson Specialty Clinics, Teddy Bear Transport, the Cook Children’s patient transport jet, and other projects. Pit’s most recent gift helped establish a Neuro-research endowment, as well as a Spiritual Care endowment. It also helps support Cook Children’s Total XVII trial, which aims to provide a more efficient way to treat patients with various forms of leukemia.

Her legacy is and will be one of giving, service, compassion and timeless wisdom. She’s a giver, wife, mother, Fort Worth native and a champion for children. Read more about Pit here.


lightspicCook Children's Support for Ukrainian Children's Hospitals

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking images of children in the midst of the war zone in Ukraine. Sick and injured babies and children sheltering in the basement of hospitals. Doctors and nurses doing their best with what they have to save their lives.

Then on Wednesday, a children's hospital and maternity ward in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol was destroyed in the Russian airstrike and resulted in more than a dozen injuries, according to the New York Times.

Beginning tonight, the blue lights that illuminate Cook Children’s Medical Center at night will shine with accents of gold in support of Ukraine, its children’s hospitals and health care workers. As the war wages, the health care needs of Ukrainian children will undoubtedly increase, as will the need for additional medical supplies.

Find out what we are doing at Cook Children's to support efforts to meet those needs.


camelot courtSpotlight on Food & Nutrition Services

Every day at Cook Children's, the Food & Nutrition Services team works around the clock to keep our employees, patients and their families well-fed.  

Similar to the tagline "America Runs on Dunkin" a more relatable saying could be “Cook Children's runs on Camelot Court, Starbucks and Cookie Wednesday”

The planning and dedication of these teams are even more vital during winter weather events, where travel and outside food is difficult to come by. During a recent ice storm, we caught up with JoAnn Williams and Regina Hobson, both managers in Food & Nutrition Services, to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to keep the house fed.

Click here to watch the video for this week's #WeAreCookChildrens feature.


ELINE MASKReminder: Please Wear Your Cook Children's Badge ABOVE Your Waist!

Every Cook Children's employee and contractor must have their badge visible upon entering a campus building and presenting it when a greeter or information desk staff member asks to see it. 

Per our policy, employees are required to wear their badge above the waist.

We know with the cold temperatures your badge may be tucked under coats and jackets, but it is imperative for front desk staff to decipher between employees and visitors. Please help your colleagues by following the badge policy.


joint-commission-gold-sealPlease Be Prepared: Joint Commission Expected Soon 

We are anticipating the Joint Commission accreditation survey any day now. A team of seven surveyors is expected to be on campus for four days, visiting the following locations: 

  • Cook Children's Medical Center
  • Dodson Surgey
  • Urgent Care clinics
  • CCMC-based clinics (on and off campus) 

Here is a Q&A from the accreditation team: 

Question: Should you notify Occupational Health if you received your COVID-19 vaccination booster?

Answer: YES!! Although the booster vaccination is not required at this time, CMS does require us to track employees who have received a COVID-19 vaccination booster, regardless of the type of vaccine administered. Proof of the booster vaccine should be emailed to occhealth@cookchildrens.org.


employees care 2022 - 77 percent updateIt's Not Too Late To Donate To Employees Care 2022!*

Thank you to the 3,074 employees who enrolled in Employees Care 2022 so far! Did you know that you can make donations or sign up all year long? 

Visit the Employees Care page on CookNet for more details.* We'll also be updating this page every month with impact stories of what Employees Care donations have done for different areas in the organization! 

*Note you must be connected to the network to access this page.


arcuate-header-logoThe Arcuate (March 2022)

The Arcuate, from the Jane and John Justin Neurosciences Center, provides information on new programs, innovations and our continued efforts to bring the best neurosciences care to the patients of Cook Children’s, the state of Texas, and beyond.

Click here to read the latest quarterly issue of The Arcuate, which includes updates on a neurology partnership in Lubbock, a new research program for kids with rare genetic epilepsy, welcoming our newest neuropsychologist, and much more. 


Reading mom and daughterFYI: Consumer Awareness Survey Is Underway

The annual Cook Children's Consumer Awareness Survey is currently underway for 2022. 

This survey targets families in our service areas with children under the age of 18 years old, so you may have family, friends and neighbors receiving it. If you are asked about it, please tell them the survey is an important way for us to receive feedback on Cook Children's Health Care System and the services we provide to the community. 

The survey is important to let us measure the strength of our image and consumer awareness, as well as gauge health care preferences in our community. It is one more way for us to connect to our families and ultimately keep our Promise!


lg5_001846Order Your Child Abuse Prevention Month T-shirt By Friday, March 18

​Child Abuse Prevention Month T-shirts are on sale for $9.85 until Friday, March 18. 

We encourage you to wear your T-shirt on Friday, April 9, for Texas Go Blue Day to show your support in preventing child abuse. 

Click here to order yours now!​ ​

Use the following login information:

Username: cookbulk

Password: children


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