16:13 PM

Employees Wear Red to Raise Awareness for Heart Disease and Stroke

Employees across Cook Children's Health Care System participated in National Wear Red Day®, the American Heart Association’s signature women’s initiative, on Friday, Feb. 4, to raise awareness for women's heart health. 

amy hopkins go red day 2

"Today I WEAR RED & GIVE in honor of my HEART HERO, my son, Colton.

He was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defects at age 7 by his WONDERFUL Cook Children’s PCP…

And his heart was “fixed” by THE AMAZING Cook Children’s Heart Center’s Dr. Tam a few short months later.

He is far from “out of the woods” and continues to be monitored by some of THE WORLD’S BEST (Cook Children’s) Cardiologists…

for now, we count our blessings and raise Heart Health Awareness every February."

Amy Hopkins, RN, STAR/CHIP Case Management

dr audrey rodgers go red day

Audrey Rodgers, M.D., physician, Urgent Care

lauren simpson go red day

Lauren Simpson, patient representative

jamie bankston go red day

“Whoopee! I’m wearing red to support the AHA while working remotely today! (We can all use a laugh, right)?” 

Jamie Bankston, director, Clinical Education 

theresa nash go red day

Theresa Nash, director, Food & Nutrition Services