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Find Help for Physical and Mental Fatigue at CareATC

By Jean Yaeger














If you’re struggling with fatigue, the providers at CareATC are here to help.

Shital Chavda, M.D. says exhaustion is common for people who work in health care systems. She says the stress and “go-go-go mentality” in hospital settings contribute to physical and mental fatigue in employees.

“They’re doing their job and when they go home, the stress can follow them while trying to spend time with their family, play with their kids, make time to prepare a healthy dinner,” Dr. Chavda said. “And, depending on how it is handled, it can contribute to the development of chronic medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.”  

Cook Children’s contracts with CareATC to provide enhanced access to primary care services at multiple locations for no charge or a reduced cost. Dr. Chavda and Cassandra Muff, FNP-BC provide care at the CareATC Health & Wellness Center at 500 S. Henderson St., less than a mile from our medical center. Both providers specialize in seeing Cook Children’s employees and their covered family members ages 18 and up. In addition to the Health Center on Henderson, members also have access to four other CareATC locations across the DFW metroplex.

Any visit is 100% covered by Cook Children’s when enrolled in the HRA or EPO plans. For those enrolled in the HSA1 and HSA2 plans, the cost for a diagnostic visit is only $10. Employees not enrolled in a Cook Children’s medical plan have access to acute medical care for $10 per visit.

Fatigue can lead to headaches, inattention, lack of focus, weight gain and other health challenges for health care workers, Cassandra said. “We are here to make sure each individual feels great and is able to not only perform their best at work, but benefit from good health in their personal and family life.”

Fatigue can also be a symptom of anxiety, depression or unresolved conflicts. Alicia Hooper, LCSW offers therapy at the CareATC Fort Worth-Henderson Health & Wellness Center as part of the Employee Assistance Program benefits at Cook Children’s. Employees have access to six free counseling appointments per issue they are facing.

If fatigue has impacted your ability to care for yourself or others, Alicia invites you to come for a visit. “We can’t pour from an empty cup,” she points out. Set up a session with Alicia by calling the EAP main phone number, 1-800-395-1616.

Appointments with Dr. Chavda or nurse practitioner Cassandra at the Fort Worth-Henderson Health & Wellness Center can be made on the CareATC mobile app, the Patient Portal at www.careatc.com/patients, or over the phone by calling 1-800-993-8244. 

What steps can we take to feel less fatigued?

·         Talk to your doctor. Persistent fatigue can lead to or indicate diabetes, heart disease, anemia, thyroid disease, sleep apnea or other conditions that require medical attention. 

·         Be sure to mention if fatigue increased after starting a new prescription. Blood pressure medicines, antihistamines, diuretics and other medications can contribute to fatigue. 

·         If needed, talk to a counselor about any mental health concerns, which can cause or worsen fatigue. Prioritize your mental well-being.

·         Talk to your primary care provider about increasing your physical activity. Exercise can help boost your energy levels and reduce fatigue.

·         Watch what you eat. Highly refined carbs, cookies, juice etc. can cause sluggishness when the “sugar high” wears off.

·         Reduce caffeine. It’s a short-term fix for low energy.

·         Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

For videos, locations and more information about Cook Children’s partnership with CareATC, go to Cook Children's (careatc.com).