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Health Care System's Individual Top Peak Performer for 2021

Nancy Russell , Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator, Quality and Service

Nacy Russell & Dr. Sanders

Pressure Injuries are one of the leading causes of hospital acquired harm across the nation and at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Nancy has gone above and beyond in leading the Cook Children’s Medical Center pressure injury team. Her leadership has been critical in ensuring that frontline nurses are engaged at the unit level in skin and wound assessment. Nancy has worked in collaboration with the wound care team to recruit and engage over 48 skin wound assessment nurses with representation on every clinical unit. She also facilitates an apparent cause analysis with teams when any serious pressure injury is reported to determine causes and she has put processes in place to prevent further injuries. Nancy's hard work, dedication and leadership is one of the main reasons for the decrease in Cook Children's reportable pressure injuries in 2020. They were reduced from eighteen in Fiscal Year 2019 to seven in the following year.

​Quarterly skin surveillance is required to maintain our magnet status and enhance pressure injury reduction. As the NDNQI Nursing Coordinator, Nancy has ensured the completion of quarterly skin surveillance rounds on the all of the medical/surgical units and monthly skin surveillance on the critical care units. This requires 25-30 trained nurses performing head-to-toe skin assessments of all patients on the same day. This has been no easy feat in 2020 especially with COVID concerns but Nancy continues to make it all happen. This will go a long way in making sure we continue receiving our Magnet status. For these reasons and many more, Nancy Russell is a Peak Performer!