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History Made: We Celebrate the Anniversary of the Successful Separation of AmieLynn and JamieLynn

One year ago, a team of 25 surgeons and other medical experts made history at Cook Children’s. Twin sisters AmieLynn and JamieLynn Finley were born conjoined at the chest and sharing a liver.

On Jan. 23, 2023, the twin girls were separated during an 11-hour operation, the first of its kind at Cook Children’s. Jamie Lynn went home in March, and AmieLynn was discharged a month later after some additional recovery IN the NICU.

“The success of the conjoined twin surgery inspired a level of hope and joy that surpassed anyone’s expectation The way the organization and the community, as well as many in the nation, were able to hear the story beginning at the separation procedure was so powerful, said Valerie Gibbs, DNP, RN, CPN Director Perioperative Services – Surgical at Cook Children’s Medical Center. “No matter the role, everyone felt, and continues to feel, invested in the lives of these twins. For the surgical team, this is a new standard; not just in departmental teamwork but also for interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve success in challenging scenarios. The pride that the surgery team feels for the honor of this opportunity remains palpable even a year later.”

The success of the operation has brought the team international recognition, most lately they were recognized on the final day of the Texas Hospital Association’s 12 Days of Health Care Heroes.

“While the surgery itself was heroic, the team’s work together began months before the birth of JamieLynn and Amie Lynn Finley and their arrival at Cook Children’s NICU soon after. This team worked in lockstep to provide the innovative care the girls required to support their unique growth and development needs, and to orchestrate the complicated 11-hour separation surgery. Thanks to their imagination, skill and collaboration, today, the Finley sisters are their lives together, but separate,” THA wrote.

While a year has passed, we will never forget the team that made history.

“With so many steps in their journey, it reminds us how big and how great our Cook Children’s family is to help them achieve milestone after milestone,” said José Iglesias, M.D, lead surgeon.

As we did a year ago, we want to recognize the incredible team that made last year's landmark surgery a success. This team collaborated together to perform the first separation of conjoined twins, JamieLynn and AmieLynn, in our history. Be sure to let them know you are proud of them.

  • Chandra Reynolds, M.D., lead anesthesiologist
  • Cole Carrillo, CRNA, lead CRNA

Team A (JamieLynn)

  • Jose Iglesias, M.D., primary surgeon
  • Daniel Lodwick, M.D., first assistant
  • Ben Gbulie, M.D., plastic surgeon 
  • Syma Monzales, RN, Coordinator
  • Sarah Shaabani, RN
  • Darrell Wortham, CST
  • Claudia Hernandez, CST
  • Imad Yamout, M.D., anesthesiologist
  • Michael Gonzalez, CRNA
  • Raul Guerrero, anesthesia technician

Team B (Amie Lynn

  • Marty Knott, D.O., primary surgeon
  • Chad Hamner, M.D., first assistant
  • Eric Hubli, M.D., plastic surgeon
  • Sarah Doyle, RN, coordinator
  • Kristen Cherry, RN
  • Brittney Fuentes, CST
  • Tania Gonzales, CST
  • Dr. Gavin Fine, M.D., anesthesiologist
  • Paul Downing, CRNA
  • Daniel Jones, anesthesia technician

Team C (backup on standby)

  • Hailey Hanson, RN
  • Jamie Gomez, RN
  • Rosa Leos, RNFA
  • Diana Bravo, CST


  • Chad Barber, M.D.
  • Mary Frances Lynch, M.D.


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