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Important Travel Information For You

Updated May 5, 2022

stock-photo-travel-restrictions-during-coronavirus-pandemic-depending-of-countries-imposing-quarantine-or-1959340357.jpgFor many of us, it’s finally time to take that vacation we put off due to the pandemic.

With COVID-19 numbers down dramatically at many locations, it’s time to revisit our travel guidelines.

Domestic Travel:

Regardless of your vaccination status, you are no longer required to provide a negative COVID-19 test on your return from work. You may return to work immediately.

If you are not vaccinated, continue to wear your mask.

If you begin to show symptoms, please get tested immediately.


After a recent federal court decision in Florida, masks are not required during travel for most public transportation.

However, the CDC and your Cook Children’s Infectious Diseases specialists still recommend wearing masks while in an enclosed space crowded with people, such as in a bus, subway or train. Traveling on planes remains more of a question with claims of good ventilation. But until more data is provided, our ID teams say it’s best to continue to wear a mask on a plane over your nose and mouth. 

What about Business Travel?

  • While we continue to discourage business travel, we understand some travel is deemed necessary or essential to the operations of Cook Children's Health Care System. In these situations, business travel should be approved in advance by a company president, or VP or above.
  • Currently, no international travel for business will be approved by Cook Children's.

Cruise Ship and River Cruise Voyages

Regardless of your COVID-19 vaccine status, you may return to work after your trip.

Get a COVID-19 viral test 3-5 days after your cruise, regardless of your COVID-19 vaccination status.

To learn more about what you need to know before traveling on a cruise, click here.

International Travel:

Regardless of your vaccination status, you can return to work immediately, but please ensure the following criteria:

  • Proof of obtaining a COVID test during days 3-5 after returning to the U.S. is sent to Occupational Health at IntlTravelProof@cookchildrens.org.  
  • Home tests are accepted as long as you provide a picture that includes two things: your Cook Children’s badge and test kit result. Send both to Occhealth@cookchildrens.org.
  • If you receive a test from a company that witnessed the test, please forward the original email sent to you from that organization which includes your results and your employee number/name.
  • Occupational Health will alert the manager of receipt of this information.
  • If the employee does not submit proof of testing for COVID-19 on days 3-5, the employee will be taken off of the schedule by their department.
  • You cannot return back to work until proof of testing is received during that time period or after 5 days of quarantine (if no test is obtained during the time frame of days 3-5). 
  • The International Travel Team/Occupational Health will notify department leadership and HR if no proof is received.
  • If you are positive, contact the Infection Prevention COVID hotline immediately. COVID19OHS@cookchildrens.org or 682-303-1661

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