Dodson Specialty Clinic Expansion FINAL
11:05 AM

‘It’s Not About Another Building. It’s About Being There for the Children.’

Take a Tour of the Dodson Specialty Clinics Expansion

Dodson SpecialtiesWhen patient families walk through the doors of the newly expanded Dodson Specialty Clinics, Stan Davis, President of Cook Children's Medical Center, hopes they feel valued.

“Most of the patients who come here have repeating needs and we are building a lifelong relationship with them and their families,” Stan said. “After many focus groups to understand our patient families’ desires and needs for this space, I hope they feel that we heard them.”

Coker Family at hospitalCindi Coker who has been visiting Cook Children’s for 20 years, already feels heard. Cindi’s son, Clayton, has complex medical needs so she knows firsthand the features that make visits to the hospital easier for patient families. From working with Security on the accessible parking layout to advocating for a café and companion care restrooms for the older kids, Cindi has provided invaluable input.

“It speaks volumes that Cook Children’s is taking the patient experience to the next level,” Cindi said. “It means a lot to us.”

Veronica Tolley, Vice President of Primary and Specialty Services at Cook Children’s, is looking forward to watching the patient families enjoy the new features.

“The feedback we’ve heard for years is coming to life and will be evident in their experience,” Veronica said.    

All Services Under One Roof   
Simulation PIctureA lack of space for new practices on campus matched with exponential growth of physicians, teams and patients led to the vision of the expanded Dodson Specialty Clinics.

“Many subspecialty groups came into existence after the original Dodson space was built,” Veronica said. “This building is a testament to not only adding new services but every existing service growing.”

Now all services will be under one roof – a welcome improvement for many patient families such as those who visit Urology. Instead of having to park twice and walk across an intersection in one day, families will now access Urology and Radiology in the same building.

Spencer Seals, Vice president of Construction, Real Estate and Facility Planning, has been involved with every aspect of planning since the inception.

“There is nothing more frustrating to a patient family than to go different places for services,” Spencer said. “That is the reality for the vast majority of our families and now with a consolidation of clinics in a hub, they will have everything they need.”

Not only were patient families surveyed but employees, too. A survey of staff asked them top priorities which resulted in features such as food options and access to natural light.   

SimulationStaff Embraces New Environment   
The changes will also affect the employees in big ways.

“The staff and various teams involved have done an amazing job in collaborating and using their imaginations,” Veronica said.

These teams will be exposed to new workflows and physical settings such as a collaborative core with staff in the middle and exam rooms circling them like a racetrack. Two doors will open to the exam rooms – one in the hallway where families walk in and another from the inside for the team. Veronica said the hope is this will improve communication between the care team and cut down on steps. After dress rehearsals and mockups, it has proven to be a more efficient workflow.

“Change like this can be overwhelming,” Veronica said. “All staff and leadership have opened their minds to the possibility of something different and collaborated to test it out. Kudos to them for their willingness to be uncomfortable and work through these changes.”   

Seeing the Building Through a Patient’s Eyes   
Kim ArnoldKim Arnold, Space Utilization and Transition Manager, led the team that collaborated with Patient Family Services to simulate the patient experience throughout Dodson Specialty Clinics from beginning to end. Patient families walked into the building and interacted with staff just as they would on a typical visit.

“The transition and patient simulations are focused on getting in front of and being prepared for change,” Kim said. “Executing over 90 simulations helped us to understand what it really feels like to navigate this new building through a patient family’s eyes. We are transitioning existing and new clinics and services each week within the Dodson footprint. This is steady change and staff is working diligently to be ready. Their involvement in the simulations was essential for success.” 

The unique features of Dodson will include highlights such as a state-of-the-art parking garage with an advanced guidance system and many upgrades; Peaks Tech Zone where patients and families will learn how to use new medical equipment and sync their Cook Children’s apps; the Dodson Pharmacy for families to pick up prescriptions and staff members to purchase over the counter medications; an outpatient lab conveniently located on the first floor; the Institute for Mind Health, involving nine brain-related specialties on one floor and a Complex Care Clinic. Companion care restrooms are also available in the common areas on every floor.

It doesn’t stop there. Extra space has been allocated for future programs.

“Our desire is that patients don’t have to go elsewhere to get care,” Stan said. “We are already planning for future growth.”   

Not Just Another Building   
Simulation PicFor Spencer who has three kids of his own, making the hospital experience an enjoyable one has always been top of mind.

“How the kids and families feel permeates everything we do. I hope they see the fun in all of it and feel that the care is second to none,” Spencer said. ““World-class care starts with world-class spaces and it’s my job to connect those by giving our employees the right type of space and tools to do what they do best.”

All of the child-friendly features throughout the building help kids to engage and decrease stress and anxiety. Spencer said as kids are more comfortable, parents feel that way too and it creates a better healing environment.

Tunell FamilyStephanie Tunell couldn’t agree more. Two of her children are patients at Cook Children’s and her youngest who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and a variant of DiGeorge Syndrome visits 10 different clinics.

“The new building is so bright and whimsical, Stephanie said. “I know children will be excited to experience the castle atmosphere and find all of the hidden gems as they journey through the building.”

“The new space is a reflection of our Promise – everything for the child,” Stan said. “It’s not about another building; it’s about being there for the children.”   

Pit DodsonA Champion for Children

The Dodson Specialty Clinics Expansion would not be possible without Clarabele “Pit” Dodson and her late husband T.L. Dodson Jr. whose generous gift built the original Dodson building.

Pit learned the art of giving from her parents, who instilled in her the importance of taking care of others from an early age. 

A 1989 tour of Cook Children’s ignited the couple’s passion for the health care system. Together they began pouring their time, love and generosity into the organization.

“When you think about the generosity of Pit Dodson, you have to think about all the kids she’s helped up to this point but also the generations of kids in the future,” Stan said. “Yes, Pit has given us so much through her generous donations, but just as importantly Pit has given us her time and her heart. She’s a part of Cook Children’s that will last forever.”