09:08 AM

Louden Family Clinical Learning Center Formally Announced

On Monday, Dec. 6, family, friends and colleagues gathered together to formally announce the renaming of the Cook Children’s Simulation Lab to the Louden Family Clinical Learning Center.

The Louden Family Clinical Learning Center allows parents of complex children to learn how to better take care of the special needs of their children and allows clinical caregivers the opportunity to receive ongoing rigorous training.

Everyone in attendance wore masks the entire night as people honored Malcolm Louden for his “leadership, passion and vision” that has “helped shape Cook Children’s into the prominent nationally recognized health care organization it is today.”

“For more than 25 years, Malcolm has supported Cook Children’s through his generosity, his time and his effort,” said Rick W. Merrill, President and CEO of Cook Children’s. “His dedication to the children in our communities, both personally and through his partnership with the Walsh Foundation and members of the Walsh family, has been exemplified through his generous gifts to Cook Children’s.”

“As a longstanding member of the Cook Children’s Board of Trustees, he’s given so much of his time serving as Board Chair and in so many other leadership positions.”

Along with Mr. Merrill, speakers at the event were Nancy Cychol, Chief of Hospital Services and Affiliate Ventures at Cook Children’s Medical Center, and Russ Morton, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

“How fitting is it that this space would be named after Malcolm? Why? Because the Louden Family Clinical Learning Center is about supporting people. It gives them the knowledge and the tools they need to better serve the children in this community,” Mr. Merrill said.

Mr. Merrill added, “Throughout my 14 years at Cook Children’s, I have never seen Malcolm waver from his laser focus and selflessness. Malcolm, I would not be here today were it not for you.

Mr. Morton spoke next and praised Mr. Louden for his guidance and leadership through the years, as well as his vision and passion.

“Your leadership, going on 25 years now, has been remarkable. You’ve paved the way for others by providing gifts for state-of-the art technology, treatments, creative therapies and more for every patient entering a door with a blue peak,” Mr. Morton said.

While the night was meant to honor him, Mr. Louden praised the work of his son, Taylor Louden, M.D., a Cook Children’s emergency medicine doctor and spoke of how much Cook Children’s means to him. Mr. Louden talked about what a special place Cook Children’s is and how he urged his colleagues to make sure they kept the patients and their families in mind when they came here.

But as hard as he tried to deflect from himself, the speakers kept the emphasis on Mr. Louden.

Nancy Cychol spoke of how the Louden Family Clinical Learning Center helps to better educate and train our frontline staff. Here, our experts make sure that our patients and their families receive care centered on evidence-based practice, safe choices, interdisciplinary team collaboration and the most current technology.

The Louden Family Clinical Learning Center supports more than 20,000 hours of simulation lab training annually and typically has 10,000 learner visits each year.

“So, all the work that’s done here today supports these kids for all the tomorrows to follow. Thank you Malcolm for providing tomorrows for so many of our kids through the years past and all the years to come,” Ms. Cychol said.