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Magnet Month Award 2022: Nurse Leadership Team of the Year


Below is the nomination for the 5 South Tower leadership team, recipients of the Nurse Leadership Team of the Year Award.

Leadership team of the year award5 South Tower has had a whirlwind of a year. We opened a brand new unit, navigated the growing pains that came with new equipment and new patients, cared for a full unit of patients through an especially bad wave of COVID in January, endured the loss of two of our managers who stayed on 4 Main, and hired many new nurses to make up for the division of our staff when 4 Main split. Emily Percy has been our tireless champion, guiding us through the twists and turns we've encountered. Somehow, through all that I mentioned, we as a unit came out stronger. Emily's leadership this past year cannot be understated. She was placed in a very unique and unenviable position, having to create a new unit and find the staff for it. Emily has been an unwavering advocate for her bedside nurses, going so far as to call the house supervisor from home to make sure that we would not be overcrowded and understaffed. She has had to come in and charge throughout the night after working her regular day. By providing thorough education and stocking our blue bins, she has made sure that we have all the resources we need to be successful. Our strong management has created a unique unit culture that feels different than it did previously, and others have taken note. Our educator shared that we were a very popular pick amongst the latest cohort of nurse residents, despite having high acuity workloads. Other nurses who have floated to us compliment our staff on their helpfulness and respect, and parents have raved about our new unit. None of this can be taken for granted. Emily's commitment to creating a just unit culture and helping 5ST stand out among medsurg units at Cook made her deserving of the nurse leader award.

Emily is a nurse manager on 5ST and exemplifies true leadership at Cook Children’s. Her consistent presence on the unit allows her to role model professional nursing practice. She will step in to help with patient care or any other unit workflow needs including working the night shift. Emily is technically a night shift manager, but she supports staff on both shifts as though they were her own. She is a safe place to discuss issues related to work or personal conflict. She is trustworthy, compassionate, and respectful. She helps bedside nurses find their voice and advocates for them in capacities beyond their reach. She encourages staff to participate in unit and organizational committees. Emily assists with improving patient outcomes. She is instrumental in a research project we are completing with post-surgical patients and an early ambulation device. She is also a huge supporter of the ISHAPED project and has stepped up to ensure her staff support it so that it will be a successful rollout. Emily reminds me of why I went into nursing and I’m so grateful to have her as a leader in multiple capacities throughout this organization. 

Leadership team of the year award

Lynne West is an excellent leader on our unit. She worked so hard to open up a new unit and ensure that we had everything that we needed to provide excellent care for our patients. Over and over again she goes to bat for her staff. We know that her advocacy doesn't stop when she is told "no" but instead she figures out who to talk to next. Her commitment to her staff keeps us motivated to continue to show up each day. When issues arise on our unit she is willing to have open and honest communication. She has an open door policy and is welcoming any time you want to discuss a concern, or just say hi. Oh, and she keeps snacks at the ready, which is always a plus when you're having a bad day! Lynne has helped establish a happy and engaged team. I believe our unit is the most connected and cohesive team at Cook Children's. We have few complaints and our staff truly love one another. It is so nice to come to work daily and know you always are working next to a friend. Lynne has helped orchestrate this by hiring excellent nurses, mitigating conflict early and advocating for her staff repeatedly. Lynne deserves to be recognized with the nurse leader award.

Sandy Manoushagian is one of those nurses that form the backbone of this organization. She is instrumental in the orientation and education processes of the staff she serves. In addition to her responsibilities within the education department, Sandy advocates for nursing by serving as a chair of QIC, running the 5ST education committee, participating on the UBC for 5ST, and developing the ISHAPED tool for bedside shift reports. She is in touch with bedside nursing, which allows her to make impactful change at the system level. In addition, she is working to earn her DNP which will allow her to make even more of an impact on the future of nursing. Sandy is an amazing leader and we are so lucky to have her here at Cook Children's.