11:27 AM

Magnet Month Award 2022: Structural Empowerment Award


Below is the nomination for Deb Smith, charge nurse on 4 Main, recipient of the Structural Empowerment Award.

Deb deserves the Structural Empowerment Award because she is dedicated to both Cook Children's and the surrounding health care community. Deb is a single mom but that doesn't stop her from sharing her time with others. She works significant overtime at Cook Children's and has completed multiple rounds of the commitment plan. 

When her unit lost a significant number of seasoned nurses, she stepped up to the plate to become a charge nurse and UBC chair. Her encouragement is contagious and she motivates her teammates to make a difference and participate in unit initiatives. Deb has spearheaded “Fro-yo Friday”, which has become a weekly event including multidisciplinary team members from multiple units. Employees from all over the medical center look forward to this end-of-workday treat. 

In addition to her work here at Cook Children's, Deb is instrumental in community education for children with hypospadias. She partnered with a local surgery center and wrote a children's book to teach children undergoing surgical correction of their hypospadias what to expect. She has been featured on the local news with her son who experienced this surgery firsthand as a young child. 

Lastly, Deb supports her people. She has taught me that family is who you choose. She will watch your children, buy you dinner, or offer to road trip to doctor appointments with you so that you don't have to go alone. Deb is an incredible nurse and she continually advocates for her patients and exemplifies the role of professional nursing practice. As such, she deserves to be recognized with this award.

Deb smith 4 main poster