12:22 PM

Magnet Month Award 2022: Transformational Leadership Award


Below is the nomination for Addie Durbin, charge RN on 5 North Tower, recipient of the Transformational Leadership Award.

Addie Durbin is a known leader on 5 North Tower. She exemplifies what it means to be a transformational leader in her primary role as a charge RN. She takes on interdisciplinary communication and collaboration each day on the unit and meets our providers with an open mind and critical thinking to help make decisions that are best for our patients. 

She is able to meet the demands of our unit every shift and is known among staff to set her team up for success by setting goals, maintaining open communication, and stepping into high-acuity scenarios when necessary. She advocates for specific patient needs, keeping in mind all aspects of care, including physical, social, and emotional. She can think outside of the box and presents solutions and interventions to our team in order to improve patient outcomes, and has been an active leader in our "Exercise is Medicine" initiative and "CLABSI Crew," both of which are interdisciplinary committees that facilitate discussion to improve patient experience and care. 

Addie takes the time to teach, encourage, and empower all new staff in their role on the unit and has the ability to anticipate the needs and demands of the nurse's responsibility, especially as our unit has grown in acuity. She has developed her leadership skills by starting as a unit guide, moving to a preceptor on both 5NT and BMT, and now working as a charge nurse. In her time away from the clinical frontline, Addie steps into educational opportunities by developing presentations that she has shared at our H/O orientation sessions, BMT prep class, and the palliative care conference, ELNEC. She is an active member of our unit-based council, which allows her to listen to her peers, help develop solutions to improve our unit, and bring issues to management. She has been involved in peer panel interviews for our staff and is always quick to provide meaningful insight and perspective when considering potential candidates. 

Our physicians and nurse practitioners have given direct feedback regarding her excellent closed-loop communication throughout her shift, patient advocacy, and unit leadership. She is a team member on 5 North Tower that is more than deserving of the Transformational Leadership Award.

transformational leader award