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Meet the Sourcing Recruiters at Cook Children's


At Cook Children's, we believe it's not just about finding a position, it's about finding the right fit for your career. Meet members of Cook Children's family, and discover how our culture spans very diverse roles across our system and supports personal and professional growth. And see if it's the right fit for you.

sourcing recruitersTwo new sourcing recruiters at Cook Children’s take an approach that utilizes detective skills and savvy networking to find potential applicants for open positions.

Stephanie Gode, pictured left, and Alyson Collins-Fitzpatrick, pictured right, go to college job fairs, track down resumes on websites, solicit referrals and use online job sites in reaching out to prospective employees. Their target? Passive candidates who aren’t actively seeking a new job.

Alyson and Stephanie aim to scout out qualified candidates who might not know about employment possibilities at Cook Children’s. They initiate contact, build relationships and make job pitches. And if the timing isn’t right for the candidates – or if they’re happy in their current positions – Alyson and Stephanie will keep in touch.

“I'm telling them about Cook Children's, about the role, making sure they know what we're doing here and hopefully entice them to apply,” Stephanie said.

They comb through LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and Zoominfo to locate people who might be appropriate additions to the Cook Children’s staff. Some of our most urgent vacancies currently include radiographer, CT tech, MRI tech, respiratory nursing, certified surgical techs, IT staff and medical assistants.

It’s key to make connections and build rapport, even if the candidate isn’t ready to make a career move right now. Stephanie and Alyson use a color-coded spreadsheet to signal when to check back in with the candidates as months go by.  

Alyson described sourcing recruiters as a combination of researcher, marketer and gatekeeper screening the best prospects. They possess diligence and patience. They strive to make the right fit… finding candidates who not just meet the necessary credentials and experience, but candidates who align with our workplace culture. The goal is to match the job requirements with applicants who will excel at Cook Children’s and grow professionally.

“You want your candidates to be confident in the interview process,” Alyson said. “You want to give them all the information that you can about the company so that they feel comfortable. You're not just pitching them a job. You actually want them to come in wanting to stay.”

Suzanne Seider, director of Talent Acquisition, saw the need for recruiters who could foster long-term relationships that will pay off with future hires. She thanked Keith Holtz, chief administrative officer, and Beth Schmidt, assistant vice president for Human Resources, for their support of the new sourcing duo. 

“With 950 requisitions, we haven't been able to really look for the passive candidates,” Suzanne said. “Now we have a team that's dedicated to that, and that can focus on sourcing more than just one position at a time. They can build our pipeline for years to come.”

Some of our managers would like to know what the easiest way is to share a job on LinkedIn. Find the job on LinkedIn by searching your feed of jobs, copying that URL, and pasting it into a post to their feed. You may want to add some hashtags to the post, too.