10:55 AM

N95 Masks Provided by Federal Government Are Not Allowed for Work Purposes at Cook Children’s

Soon the federal government will make N95 masks available to the public.

However, these masks are meant for use outside of work. They are not meant to be worn while you are at Cook Children’s.

OSHA guidelines states that Cook Children’s is responsible to fit test any N95 mask brought in and used by the employee.

While the masks cannot be worn at work, they may be a better alternative for you and your family members at home. The CDC states that these masks offer more protection against COVID than loose fitting masks or cloth masks.

Marc Mazade, M.D., Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention, states the “bottom line is that the TIGHTNESS OF FIT is what is most important and that gaping masks are not likely to provide as much protection as masks that fit tightly to the wearer’s face.”

Individuals who take part in the mask distribution program will be limited to three masks per person to make sure everyone who wants a mask will be able to receive one in this nationwide program.

The same federal programs used to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines will be put in place to provide masks to individuals. This means that you will be able to visit similar locations to get your masks, such as most local pharmacies.