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National Injury Prevention Day, World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021, is National Injury Prevention Day and World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day.

National Injury Prevention Day is a time to raise awareness about the burden of injury, violence and a need for change. Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability to U.S. children ages 1 to 18 years old. Every day, 20 children die from injuries resulting in more deaths than all other diseases combined. But the good news is, many of these injuries are preventable with the use of safety practices and equipment. Safety advocates across the country are working together to educate families and community leaders about creating and supporting safer environments.

As the sun goes down on Nov. 18, hospitals, landmarks, businesses, monuments, neighborhoods and government offices are being asked to shine a green light to highlight the significance of injuries to children and the importance of injury prevention.

For more information on injury prevention, please visit the Center for Children’s Health website: https://centerforchildrenshealth.org/injury-prevention/Pages/default.aspx

World Wide Injury Prevention Day

The objective of World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is to increase awareness about pressure injury prevention and to educate the public on this topic.

How you can help us Prevent Pressure Injuries: 

  • Make sure your child is not lying or sitting on tubing, such as oxygen or IV tubing
  • No extra sheets or bedding under your child
  • If your child is unable to reposition themselves, staff will routinely reposition them, even if it’s just a little
  • Reposition every hour when sitting in a chair

What are Pressure Injuries?

  • Injury caused by something pressing or rubbing on skin
  • Pressure prevents blood from getting to that area of skin
  • Most occur on bony areas and under medical devices

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