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Holiday Celebrations from Around the System

North Carrollton-Hebron Clinic at The Colony's Parade of Lights

By Juleann Cruz, Clinic Manager

The Cook Children’s North Carrollton Hebron office participated in The Colony’s Parade of Lights for the first time on Dec. 2. 

All of our doctors – Monica Beamer, M.D., Jonathan Corpuz, M.D., Richard Rivera, M.D., (as Santa) and Amy Stockhausen, M.D. --rode on our float.  The office staff and some of their family members had a great time handling out Cook Children’s light up sticks and light up balls. 

It was great to be out in the community representing Cook Children’s and to hear the kids yelling “There’s my doctor!” And they were so excited to see Santa. The best part was the looks on the children’s faces when we gave them the light up sticks and balls; it was pure happiness. 

It was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, and we are already looking forward and planning for next year.

Cook Children's Pediatrics Henderson 

By Andrea Davis, RN

“I really find joy in seeing the reaction the kids have when they are called back to a room. Just to see their face light up makes it all worth it. I wanted to bring some joy in this busy sick season. I put stickers on the floor knowing kids would hop from one sticker to another. 

It is even a bigger compliment when the parents are in awe. I used a piece of a box to make my awning for my gingerbread house. There are sheets of cotton that I used for snow. I also got some candy-themed balloons and wrapped them to make it look like candies. I even made a lab coat for a gingerbread man, a replica of Mark Jones, M.D. It is made out of felt. I made a stethoscope out of some craft foam. Also for the replica of Stephanie Ledezma, LVN and the gingerbread girls I made nurse hats out of craft foam. I covered our picture frames in the hall to look like windows on our gingerbread house!

I started decorating a few days before Thanksgiving. I would work on it whenever I had a chance. Most parents say “Wow! So festive!” We even had a patient of a different doctor that wanted to be seen in one of our rooms on our hall because they loved the decorations so much. 

I love using the Comfort Menu when I give shots so I feel like the decorations also help with the ease of the visit because it seems more magical. I came up with this idea from the crazy brain of mine because naturally I am a kid at heart. I was in charge of decorations my co-worker Stephanie pitched in to help with costs.”

Holiday Decorations at Cook Children's Pediatrics Henderson

Cook Children’s Center for Community Health

By Becki Hale, EdD., MA, RDH, Assistant Vice President, Cook Children’s Center for Community Health

For our department’s holiday celebration, Cook Children’s Center for Community Health volunteered at LVTRise Community Center. C4CH team members supported the weekly food pantry, sorted Angel Tree gifts, assembled oral health kits, and packed snack bags for children while they’re out of school for holiday break.  Our team is very excited to get to know our LVT neighbors and strengthen our relationships within this community.

Cook Children’s Pediatrics Grapevine

By Jesenia Valadez, Medical Assistant, Cook Children’s Pediatrics Grapevine

The Cook Children’s Grapevine office participated in the Grapevine Parade of Lights for the first time on Dec. 7. The Parade of Lights features more than 100 lighted floats and marching bands.

Vanita Shori, M.D. (dressed as Elsa), Andrea Rodriguez, PA-C (dressed as Anna), the office staff and some of their family members had a great time. 

Injury Prevention Team Volunteer Appreciation

By Bianka Soria-Olmos, D.O.

Samantha St. John, Program Coordinator at Center for Community Health, and her team hosted a wonderful gathering for ALL Cook Children’s and community partner volunteers for the holidays. It was a great time and wanted to share with our colleagues what great things this group is doing for the community and Cook Children’s!

Staff of Cook Children’s Haslet celebrating the holidays

Haslet holidays

Holidays with the Prader-Willi Center team

willi prader team holidays



Holidays with the Southlake Urgent Care Center