14:22 PM

Peak Performer: Cassidy Ware

Senior Epic Application System Analyst, IS Epic-HS


Cassidy was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Wow, having worked as a nurse informaticist for a number of years, I am very impressed with Cassidy who works on the Epic Clinical Team. She really listens to the voice of the customer. The Employee/Staff Safety Overexertion Prevention team developed an evidenced-based patient handling risk assessment based on current documentation. We wanted something embedded within Epic that would lessen the amount of documentation nursing has to do. First of all, we asked, can this be done? Can we assign a numerical weight to each data element? Can the assessment calculate a risk level, not just add the numerical values? Can all disciplines taking care of
the patient see the risk level? Can we have hyperlinks to the Safe Patient Handling site on CookNet? All the answers from Cassidy were either yes or let me see what we can do. Her can-do attitude was awesome. She thoroughly researched the Epic Community library, tested, and showed us options. And the finished assessment will go live in Epic next month. Thank you Cassidy for your expertise!

​I am also the project manager of the Pressure Injury Prevention team. On multiple occasions, Cassidy has assisted with our goal of attaining Zero Harm. She thoroughly searched the Epic Community library to present our team options on how best to document if a patient has a pressure injury on admission (Four Eyes Assessment). This is important because if a pressure injury is documented upon admission, Cook Children’s does not have to claim it as occurring while a patient. It’s also important to know when a patient with a previous pressure injury is re-admitted because that healed skin is more vulnerable for future injury. Again, Cassidy went far and above researching options that she presented at our July meeting. We will soon have a process in place so we can identify these patients and have Wound Care assess and institute a plan of care if necessary. And just today, she answered a documentation question with a video presentation. Thank you Cassidy for listening to our needs and providing options!