14:24 PM

Peak Performer: Sondra Tatum

LVN, PCP Keller- PN


Sondra was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

When Sondra came to mind for a nomination to Peak Performer, I really wanted to get more detail on an opportunity to support our families. I asked Sondra to give me more detail about the situation. These are her words: "I was happy to assist our little friend and his mom in getting the much-needed help for his injury. Mom was having issues as an employee of UHC in getting a referral for wound care. You see, our patient had a terrible accident in which he received 1st and 2nd-degree burns on his little arm and was needing to be seen as soon as possible with our wound care team. Due to insurance, a mandatory insurance referral was needed. Mom advised she was getting the run around after multiple attempts. Mom was upset because the burns were a result of her accidentally dropping a hot spoon, heated by cooking oil."

Sondra offered to contact insurance to assist, upon calling the insurance she was told because mom was an employee, they were unable to assist her due to a recent issue in employee account management. She would not take no for an answer and proceeded to speak with a manager. Continuing to persevere, Sondra received the approval she was committed to getting, and "her friend" was seen that very morning. Reports are the sweet boy is doing great! She stated at the end of the email that "He is doing great! Thank you for asking about my friend. I was happy to be their advocate and get them the care they deserved." For that, I feel Sondra deserves Peak Performer!

​Other examples of Sondra's care is little everyday niceties that go a long way in a parent's mind. A parent was unable to wait any longer on a delayed appointment. She was due elsewhere but could come back. Sondra offered to pre-chart the visit with all vitals, prep the UIL form, when mom returned we got her taken care of quickly. The delay was much forgotten but the assistance was forever remembered.