15:01 PM

Peak Performer: Amy Jarratt, RN

RN, 4 Main


Amy was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

AMY BENSON, RN, BSN PhotoAmy’s commitment to excellence in safety, quality, and service absolutely deserves to be recognized as a Cook Children’s Peak Performer. Amy is always a hard worker and a strong bedside RN; however, this particular example shows Amy’s dedication to patient safety beyond her day-to-day job. Amy noticed a new order for a medication. She was also serving as a Unit Guide to a new nurse in the nurse residency program. Amy double-checked the dosing in Lexicomp and noticed a discrepancy. She immediately contacted the pharmacy to resolve the issue before it reached the patient.

​Amy is also incredibly generous and giving of her time. She constantly picks up extra shifts despite being a full-time student as well. This demonstrates her continuous effort to help the unit when we are short-staffed. On one particular day, we noticed that the schedule looked short for the following day. We also had quite a few RNs calling in due to having Covid. It was supposed to be my first day as charge RN and I was worried that I would either have to take patients on my first day or work short and overwork the nurses we had. Amy told me to call her in the morning if we were unable to get a float nurse and she would come in to help. 

This desire to help me, her team and our department should not go unrecognized. This demonstrates her strong work ethic, which is challenging after the last two years we’ve had working in health care. 

I think dedication like this should absolutely be recognized especially during a time when burnout is so high.​