14:48 PM

Peak Performer: Brittany Collins

Cook Children's-Harris Social Worker, Case Management-MC


Brittany was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

As an outpatient physical therapist, I evaluated a set of twins that had been discharged from the hospital. It was evident from the beginning that there were several issues going on with the family that would ultimately affect the success of the boys not only in rehab but in other medical areas. When I called Brittany to speak to her about the family, she offered to come to Mansfield to their next appointment, even though she is housed downtown at the hospital. This was the first time in 12 years that I had a case manager offer to do that! She did in fact attend their next appointment. Brittany was supportive and helpful to the family from the moment they met. In addition to working with the family, Brittany stayed after the appointment so we could discuss the next steps face to face. You could feel her empathy and compassion for this family, as well as her desire for them to truly succeed. She supported mom with encouragement rather than condoning her with judgment. The way mom responded and opened up to her was just fantastic to witness. In one appointment, she changed that family's chances of success in medical, social, and emotional areas. 

​Brittany continues to keep in touch with the family on at least a weekly basis, and mom will often tell me the multiple ways Brittany has helped them that week. Mom is still growing and learning, and Brittany is pouring confidence and kindness into her. She has attended one of the boy's surgical appointments, walked mom through paperwork and phone calls, assisted with transportation several times, given resources for housing, found additional therapy options, and simply been a willing listener. Because of her, I have watched mom be able to truly support her sons. They are improving and changing, conquering milestones, and growing. All of this because Brittany was willing to see the best in a struggling family who just needed someone to help. And if Brittany is doing this for the one family I share with her, I cannot imagine the wonderful ways she goes above and beyond to show love to all of the other patients and families she helps every day. Brittany is the definition of a peak performer!

Brittany goes over and beyond EVERY SINGLE DAY. For instance, recently Brittany worked endless hours helping a parent locate catheters for her 7-month-old baby. The parent called Brittany desperate because she had not received her child’s shipment of catheters. The child is to be cath’ed several times a day. Without Brittany locating the supplies the child most likely would have ended up in the ER or having to be hospitalized. The parent was so relieved and extremely thankful for Brittany’s help. 

Brittany is amazing at assessing the needs of the families she serves. She has a knack for building rapport, therefore, parents are willing to open up and share their struggles with her. Recently, a few families indicated to Brittany they were struggling financially to the point they were going to lose their home. Brittany located a rent assistance community resource that was able to help pay their rent. Because of Brittany’s help, the families were able to focus on caring for their child’s medical needs as opposed to the financial struggle.

Brittany’s passion for being a Social Worker is evident. She has a light about her and people are just drawn to her. I see her heart hurt for her families that are struggling. She truly believes in Cook Children’s promise that every child is sacred. Brittany is very deserving of the Peak Performer Award because she is just that….a PEAK PERFORMER!!!!