14:25 PM

Peak Performer: Cara Smith

Hand Therapy Program Coordinator, Rehab South FW, Medical Center


Cara was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

A group of physicians with CCPN are trying to put together a multidisciplinary clinic to evaluate and diagnose vocal cord dysfunction. This has never been done here before. Doing this involves putting a scope in someone's nose to watch their vocal cords while they exercise. The equipment needed for this is complicated and needs to be made by hand. Once made, it requires volunteers to test it out. Cara volunteered to help us test the equipment. This involved 2 hours of her time, most of which was spent with a tube up her nose while we made adjustments to the equipment. This is particularly uncomfortable and creates a significant gagging sensation. She was amazing. She was obviously uncomfortable but she stayed tough throughout the process and did not quit or give up. Why? Because she knew it would benefit our kids in the end. I can't stress enough how uncomfortable this experience was for her. Her dedication deserves recognition. She gained absolutely nothing out of this and did this simply out of goodwill and in hopes of making our medical center a better place for children. Cara even provided some invaluable suggestions from her field of expertise

​This was superhuman and a huge leap forward for the development of our procedure, specifically in making it safe, comfortable and as quick as possible for our future patients. When the process was completed, she said she would encourage other volunteers to help us test the equipment as well. I think all of this is above and beyond the normal scope of her job as a hand physical therapist!