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Peak Performer: Diana Dobson

physicians network medical receptionist II, Walsh Multispecialty


Diana was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

DIANA DOBSON PhotoAs our medical receptionist, Diana is always greeting patients and their parents with a kind word and cheerfulness. One night, a parent had left the urgent care and the mom was trying to get the patient into her vehicle. The patient unfortunately vomited all over the front seat and console of the car, he vomited all over mom and his younger sister had to run to the front desk to ask for help. Diana didn't hesitate. She gloved up, brought out emesis bags and helped the mom into the lobby. Her next move was to make sure that both mom and patient got gowns to change into. While the mom was cleaning the child up in the restroom, Diana did not want the parent to have to face the mess in her car, so she cleaned up the vomit, in their car, before they came out of the restroom. During the chaos, she did this all with a calmness that helped the parent through a difficult situation. She showed the parent, patient and sibling compassion and was the best example of how one person can make a difference in the experience they have at Cook Children's.

​Since I’ve met Diana, she is always one of the first to help the team achieve greatness. She’s always willing to jump in and do the work. In a million ways, each shift, she goes the extra step to further the department’s goals. For example, she has been a great advocate in helping the parents with mycookchildrens activations, she calls on ortho appointments to ensure that the parents are informed of the appointments and she does this with such a positive attitude. Recently, she jumped in and helped the team by cleaning up a work queue. There were over 500 patients that needed to have their charts opened with multiple items verified. Diana worked this queue until there were about 130. Because of her diligence, the team can stay on top of the queue and manage it on a daily basis. She not only supports her team with her kindness but spreads kindness to the patients/parents coming in. She makes it her goal to ensure everyone has a positive experience when walking into the facility. She exemplifies the spirit of Cook Children's.​