12:43 PM

Peak Performer: Hannah Labansat

Occupational Therapist-I/P, Rehab - DT FW


Hannah was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Hannah LabansatHannah is an incredible Occupational Therapist and an essential asset to our Acute Care Rehabilitation Team. When I began at Cook a year ago, Hannah stepped in as my preceptor. She went above and beyond to introduce me to staff, to our hospital and therapy protocols, to ensure I felt comfortable, to teach me the “in’s and out’s” of our department, and to set me up for success in my career here. Hannah selflessly gives her whole self to being a resource, a guide, and a role model to others on our therapy team. Hannah also heads many projects and initiates program development in order for our department to grow as well as ensure that our patients are receiving the care that they deserve. Each day, Hannah exudes the mission of Cook to her core. She has a gift of bringing joy and light to those around her, even on the toughest of days.

Recently, Hannah has been the primary therapist on two difficult cases. With one of patient, she has spent countless hours explaining the distinct role of occupational therapy, educating various providers on the scope of our role, and providing the best, most ethical treatment for this patient. Due to the nature of this patient’s diagnosis and prognosis, each provider involved in their care has felt a sense of heaviness and emotion. Hannah is no exception to feeling the weight of this case, however, day in and day out she treats this patient with a smile on her face and a warm presence with the intention of providing this patient with comfort during these tough days. With another patient, she has gone above and beyond to ensure that they’re receiving the care they deserve. This patient’s mother had been reported to have negative relationships with various staff members and appeared to lack the understanding of the gravity of her son’s deficits. Hannah consistently treated this mother with respect and came from a place of empathy and understanding, allowing Hannah and this mother to develop good rapport to benefit the patient. Hannah requested additional physicians be involved in this patient’s care, requested a care conference for providers, and has ensured that this child has the best discharge plan possible. Hannah is consistently an advocate for her patients.

While these are two recent examples, Hannah is always providing the most beneficial, ethical, and evidence based intervention to patients and their families. Hannah strives to be the best she can be for everyone around her, and to provide Cook’s Promise daily. It takes an incredibly strong person to navigate through the trenches of patient care that is complicated by poor prognoses, seemingly “difficult” parents, and differing medical opinions. Hannah has not only navigated these obstacles, but has done so with a sense of grace, selflessness, empathy, and compassion. Hannah is a Peak Performer and deserves recognition for her constant dedication to outstanding patient care.