12:31 PM

Peak Performer: Jenny Hathaway

Education Coordinator, OPD


Jenny was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Jenny HathawayIt’s one thing to begin a new job, but it's a whole different ballgame to onboard during a pandemic. This nurse started employment on the clinical education team just as the pandemic was beginning. As the situation became more critical, many education activities and workflows were transitioned to a virtual format. Jenny quickly learned to utilize new technologies. Then, one of her primary units became the designated COVID medical unit. She quickly prepared education to support staff on that unit. She also recognized the shifts in patient populations that were occurring, particularly the renal population. This nominee knows how to utilize her resources! She collaborated with physicians and other health care team members to arrange virtual in-services, rounding, and Q&A sessions to help staff care for patients with unfamiliar diagnoses. No one asked her to do this. She simply did it because she saw a need and she cares about our patients, families, and coworkers.

Recently, we all experienced another pandemic surge and the patient volumes necessitated opening another COVID unit. Jenny prepared an education action plan and shared it with her colleagues and staff on that unit. She recognized the urgency and began to make plans just in case a third medical COVID unit was needed. She created and shared content with managers of that unit as well. In the middle of all this activity, our organization learned that we would receive disaster nurse relief. Their contract stipulated quick onboarding. Jenny developed an education action plan that helped ensure their success. She came in early, stayed late, and worked many weekends to support them and our tenured staff. This nominee is a superstar educator and definitely a Peak Performer in my mind.