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Peak Performer: Josefina Jungo

Utilization Rev Spec III D&A, Care Management Utilization


Josefina was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Josefina JungoJosie exemplifies the nature of a Peak Performer as she repeatedly and consistently demonstrates an immensely strong work ethic, dedication to quality, and she regularly looks for opportunities to fill in wherever a need arises. The UM URS team has recently undergone a pretty significant staffing change which required this particular group of individuals to quickly become well versed in tasks and filling in various roles that they may have previously had little or no exposure to. This was without a doubt an incredibly difficult time for a number of reasons and it very quickly became clear that we could no longer forge on as a few separate teams, but the only way forward was together.

The planning required to ensure that training took place expediently and that all essential tasks were covered was an enormous task. The fortunate thing about having someone on your team like Josie is that she went above and beyond to highlight the essential processes and workflows, and helped to make sure that those were always covered and went even further to share her knowledge and tip sheets that she had created with others to enhance their learning experience and understanding. This not only prevented the UM department from reaping the unfortunate consequences of incurring liquidated damages by ensuring that our contractual obligations were met, but also helped lessen the anxiety for team members who were enveloped in the chaos of learning new tasks and roles on a tight timeline.

Josie provided spreadsheets for leadership to help highlight who was proficient and comfortable in different areas and tasks related to their role, as well as submitting several ideas for how to maintain the efficient workflow and operations during such an incredibly chaotic time. While we continue to navigate this new path, she continues to seek opportunities to help improve the workflow for URS role. She is the kind of team player that everyone should have on their team, but if you asked her she would likely tell you that “it's not a big deal, she’s just doing her job”. She does not expect accolades but she absolutely deserves every single one she gets.

Josie was an integral part of developing and implementing the documentation templates essential to the UM URS workflow. Over the last several months, there have been many changes to workflow and processes, of which the URS’ are the foundation for the referral creation and documentation. Josie stepped up to help leadership work in a collaborative effort to enhance our documentation tools, improve the standard across the board for documentation in all URS roles, and to improve not only the audit scores but and increasing our odds at remaining in compliance with our contractual obligations. She is always the first to offer to lend a hand and has a knack for not only solving problems but also preventing problems. If our team were a basketball team, I would consider Josie our very own John Stockton. Let me shed a bit of light on that example. John Stockton retired from the NBA in 2003 and nearly 20 years later he still holds the record for assists. The impact made in our department by Josie’s ability to see not only the needs but also the opportunities will be evident for years to come. She has a knack for understanding the tasks at hand, is more than capable of evaluating the overall picture, and has the critical thinking skills to determine what is required to complete the job in a quality manner. She jumps at the opportunity to assist in making sure we are getting the job done well for the benefit of our members and providers. She is definitely worthy of the designation of Peak Performer.