14:48 PM

Peak Performer: LaTrice Carter

Practice/Program Manager I, Neighborhood Clinic-Miller-PN


Latrice was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

LaTrice Carter deserves Peak Performer recognition because I believe she shows outstanding commitment to the Cook Children's Promise through her dedication to the most vulnerable children in our community. When I met LaTrice 2 years ago, she was working as an Office Supervisor providing afterhours leadership for the Renaissance NHC. During COVID, she earned a promotion to the role of Practice Manager for the Miller NHC.

In addition to taking on the management of an entire practice during a pandemic, LaTrice also lead the Miller clinic in welcoming an almost completely new provider group. This past summer, LaTrice had a new physician start with her team every month for 3 months! She also trained several brand new receptionists, onboarding a whole new front desk team. It takes patience, grace, and grit to manage this level of staffing change during an already tumultuous time and LaTrice SHINED during the process. 

I'd also like to recognize LaTrice for her compassion and commitment to empathetic service. Our Promise starts with the words: Knowing that every child's life is sacred... LaTrice orients her clinic leadership and promotes a clinic culture that is focuses on the wellbeing of every child, especially those children that start from a place of injustice or disadvantage.

LaTrice talks openly about the barriers the families at her clinic face - transportation concerns, child care challenges, difficulty meeting basic needs - and educates her staff about considering these barriers as they care for each child and family. She creates a culture of respect for children and adults from all walks of life. Recently LaTrice was supporting a caregiver that had recently started caring for her grandchildren. That caregiver was struggling with how to obtain formal documentation for custody/guardianship. LaTrice took the time to focus her attention on that caregivers need, reach out for resource support, and make sure that caregiver left the clinic with resource/referral information. In doing that, she promoted the dignity of that family and the safety of those children. I am very proud to work with and learn from LaTrice! She is undoubtedly a Peak Performer and Cook is blessed to have her as a leader. ​​