12:34 PM

Peak Performer: Lauryn Goff, RN

RN, clinical coordinator II, Prosper Specialty Clinics


Lauryn was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

LAURYN GOFF, BSN, RN PhotoLauryn Goff RN, MSN, is our clinical coordinator II at Pediatric Specialties Prosper. She's been with us less than a year and has had incredible success in leading our clinical team, promoting safety, and developing protocols and processes for existing and new services. She has implemented coordination of training for her staff including bringing clinical training to the site in Prosper, implementing regular trainings via Zoom, and advocating for clinical support such as Child Life and Social Work. She worked to bring IV training to her nursing staff by way of collaborating with nursing leadership downtown to secure an IV-training device, which is now used by our staff regularly to keep up their skills, as Prosper does not have an IV team.

She has worked with our facility manager and POCT Lab supervisor to oversee all components of safety for the entire building, including training of staff, planning and running of drills, including how to communicate with the entire building, overseeing crash cart protocols and AED safety, and helping secure controlled medications that have been challenging to obtain without an on-site pharmacy.  We also have a Quest draw station and joint venture physicians and staff who must be part of all safety training, and she assists in the coordination of those as well. 

​The Endocrine Clinic at Prosper wanted to establish stimulation testing at the Prosper site. We were not able to make progress until Lauryn joined the team. The main challenges in establishing this service at Prosper were 1) securing the medications needed, and 2) establishing safety plans in case of adverse effects occurrence. Since inpatient or outpatient pharmacies are not available at the Prosper location, Lauryn worked tirelessly with third-party pharmacies to establish consistent supplies for the medications needed. She reviewed the stimulation testing protocol and made sure we have an established plan in case of any possible adverse effect. We were able to successfully establish the service in December 2021, within only six months of Lauryn joining the team.  We have not had any major adverse effects since the service was established.

​ We are very grateful for Lauryn's dedication and help in Prosper MOB!