13:21 PM

Peak Performer: Lindsay Sikes, PT

advanced physical therapist, Neurology Rehab Therapy Team


Lindsay was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

LINDSAY SIKES, PT PhotoLindsay is an advocate for the safety of our babies with tracheostomies and ventilators in the neurology rehabilitation department. She has worked with them exclusively over the past 10 years and has become well adept at proper trach and vent care and precautions. With the addition of new staff over the past few years and the intermittent coverage of these patients, she noticed that newer team members (and even veterans who do not treat this population as often) may benefit from an in-service to educate themselves further. Coming up with a plan, Lindsay approached leadership with the observations and came up with a solution-oriented idea that was executed extremely well. Making herself available for two in-services, Lindsay was able to interface with all team members and lead them in their learnings. She reviewed different pieces of the trach, suction, and vent tubing and reminded us of all the minor details that could cause great harm if not caught such as suctioning too shallow or deep and not draining the vent tubing before transferring a patient. She even took us on a tour to show us the different ventilators and how to increase oxygen while calling for help and turning alarms on and off. In fact, Lindsay conveyed this information so well to her peers and leaders that one of her peers suggested this be an annual pace requirement for our team, which it will now be held again in 2023.

​Lindsay is active on two hospital committees. As an active member of the Pressure Injury Prevention committee, she participates in monthly skin surveillance days, catching many near misses and educating staff. This year, she was asked to create educational videos for the Overexertion Committee and she did so with a can-do attitude. Her passion for safety and education propelled her into these videos on how to use a gail belt and how to use a hoyer lift that is available to all staff. Additionally, she is one of our few child safety passenger technicians on the Transitional Care Unit and remains dedicated to ensuring each of her patients departs in a safe car seat with educated caregivers. Lindsay is a gem and I am proud of all she has done without many accolades.