14:46 PM

Peak Performer: Misty Mccutchen

wound and ostomy nurse coordinator, Wound and Skin Care


Misty was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

MISTY MCCUTCHEN, RN, BSN, CWOCN PhotoMisty is absolutely amazing when it comes to wound care. We have multiple patients with complex wounds and high anxiety when it comes to dressing changes. Misty is always willing and able to talk the patient through the dressing change and help with keeping them as calm as possible. She works tirelessly to take care of wound vacuum-assisted closures (VAC), ostomies, and other wound issues. One of her greatest qualities is her ability to help educate patients and families in caring for complex wounds. 

Misty does a great job advocating for her patients. Misty was performing a wound VAC dressing change on a patient that would cry and scream during changes due to pain and anxiety. Misty advocated for this patient by speaking to the physician about performing less dressing changes. She also made sure that the pain team was consulted and child life was involved. Misty then discussed with the wound care clinic the best way to perform VAC changes in preparation of the transition of dressing changes to outpatient. All of this was done to make sure that this patient could experience the least amount of pain possible.  

Misty also had another patient who had very painful dressing changes weekly. After seeing the level of anxiety the patient had during the changes in the room, Misty advocated with the surgeon to encourage him to move the changes to the SPA so the child could have a higher level of anxiolytics during the change to decrease his anxiety and increase his pain control.