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Peak Performer: Nicole Miller

nurse manager, Cardiac Stepdown


Nicole was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

NICOLE MILLER, RN, BSN PhotoNicole and I first met at the Staffing Advisory Council meeting, where she informed me about comparative staffing reports needed from charge registered nurses (RN) on the floor. At the time, I was a newer charge, and I had no idea what she was talking about. Unfortunately, most of the charge RN’s on my floor were also relatively new so we were unsure how to run this report. Nicole didn’t hesitate to come to my floor on a day that I was charge to walk me through the steps. While showing me and another charge RN, she noticed there was an issue with Epic. Nicole submitted a ticket on our behalf and as soon as the issue was resolved a few days later, Nicole came back to train our charge RN’s how to run this report. The fact that Nicole took time out of her schedule to train staff on another floor shows her strong work ethic, her caring nature and her drive to go above and beyond for all staff, regardless of their role. 

On my first float on 3S, I had a less than great experience. I felt my assignment was not appropriate, and I didn’t feel supported at the time. Also on that day, I was so busy with another patient that I was not able to get to the room of my ED admit when they arrived to the unit. Nicole jumped in, and by the time I arrived to the patient’s room, Nicole was in the process of changing the patient’s sheets because she noticed it had adhesive residue on it. For a manager to do that really shows that no matter what needs to be done, Nicole is able and willing to jump in where needed and get the job done. After that float, I was very honest with my feedback on my float survey. A week later, I floated to 3S again. Nicole came by, and not only apologized to me about my last float but assured me that changes had already been implemented to improve the float experience. Just an hour into that shift, I noticed a very positive change from my last float. My assignment was appropriate, and the staff was supportive and welcoming. I know that Nicole has also helped staff the unit MANY times this year so that her team wouldn’t have to work short. As a manger, this shows her giving heart, and how she cares for patients, families, and staff. Not all managers are willing to jump in and help as much as Nicole, and I know not all managers take negative feedback on a float survey seriously. Nicole didn’t waste any time making a change, and this is what makes her exceptional and so deserving of a Peak Performer award!