11:28 AM

Peak Performer: Rebecca Parker

family advocate, Renaissance Neighborhood Clinic


Rebecca was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

REBECCA P. PhotoRebecca is an incredible asset to the Neighborhood Clinics. Normally, her FA role within the Neighborhood Health Clinic requires that she cover two clinic locations – Miller and Renaissance. Due to staffing shortages, Rebecca has actually been covering four clinics for the past few months – Miller, Renaissance, Arlington and Morris. Rebecca is the go-to person within these clinics for patient psychosocial needs. Where I really see her stand out is with how she works with parents and caregivers to assess the needs of the entire household and then sticks with the family to make sure they’re able to connect with the community resources she provides. Rebecca regularly rearranges her schedule so she can meet with families in person during clinic visits.

Recently, she shared with me that she was helping a parent navigate transportation resources for AA meetings because she understands how important that parents' own mental health care and recovery is to the health and safety of their child. Rebecca often stays late to make sure that urgent patent safety issues are addressed the same day. Another thing I really appreciate about Rebecca is that she often takes the initiative to schedule time for families to come to the clinic to meet with her in person when they need help completing applications for things like Child Study Center or Gill Children’s Services. It seems like there is no patient need or referral too complex for her to take on.