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Peak Performer: Yolanda Crockett

patient care technician, 4 Main


Yolanda was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

Yolanda CROCKETT PhotoYolanda Crockett never does anything halfway. She puts her heart into everything she does, and the difference she makes is felt deeply. I’m the educator for her area and I inherited a life-size stuffed doll from another educator. The doll’s portability makes it useful for teaching skills while rounding, but over time it became ripped and a little visually off-putting for people. The kids I passed on the way places would do a double take when they saw the doll. Yolanda volunteered to take the doll and give it a mini-makeover. I expected some hair and possibly a drawn-on face, but I was amazed to see the care Yolanda took to make the doll beautiful and even have personality. The doll came back to me with an entire color-coordinated outfit, including hair actually sewn in to the head, eye shadow matching the outfit, and a big bow. Yolanda even made an actual badge with the doll’s name and the title “Education Assistant”. Now, when I carry the doll throughout the medical center, I have received comments about how pretty her hair is from staff members, and a little girl told me she liked the doll’s sparkly shoes. This doll is also the “patient” during the Behavioral Health Sitter Prep Class. Now that the doll is dressed more lifelike, I’m able to better incorporate safety lessons. The class begins with a mock set up of a patient room and the participants identify high risk items that should be removed. I’m now able to make the patient more realistic by hiding high risk items in her pockets and discussing things like if behavioral health patients would be able to wear jewelry. This might sound silly, but this doll has helped our staff learn skills such as cervical collar care, restraint application and how to provide safer care for our behavioral health population. It touched my heart to see Yolanda care so much about the doll. It also illustrated that if Yolanda cared so much about making a doll look special, her care for making children feel special is immeasurably more.

​Yolanda is a kind and warm presence on the unit and her genuine care shines through in all of her interactions with her peers, patients and families. She’s the type of person that will ask you how you’re doing, and really be interested in the answer. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her sitting. She is always in patient rooms, cleaning equipment, and helping out her peers. Yolanda has been on our unit long enough to see the acuity increase drastically, but she’s somehow still able to put a personal touch on all her interactions. Yolanda is famous for taking time to do our patient’s hair, which if you’ve ever had a kid sick in bed, you know what a challenge that can be. She makes sure their hair is tangle free and also a pretty hairstyle. It really gives the kids a boost to feel pretty while they’re sick in an unfamiliar place. It also is a demonstration to parents that their child’s life is truly valued and they aren’t just another patient.​ ​