10:06 AM

Pediatric Nurses Are Featured Presenters at Society of Pediatric Nursing Professionals Conference

We are proud that several Cook Children’s nurses will be sharing their expertise at the at the Society of Pediatric Nursing Professionals' 33rd SPN Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. If you'd like to join them, registration is open for the conference, happening April 26-28, as well as the Virtual Conference Bridge, a one-day virtual event on May 11.   

·         RNs Jordan Staggs and Andrea Knott, will present a session titled “Steps towards Savings: A Frontline Clinical Nurse-Led Research Project to Evaluate the Impact of an Early Ambulation Device.”

·         Natalie Palau, a Clinical Nurse Leader, Ashley Chreene, a Nurse Manager, and Leigh Anne Campbell, a Clinical Education Coordinator, will present “Connecting the Dots for High Fall Risk Patients: Implementation of Acute Fall Risk Interventions and Education on an Inpatient Neuroscience and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.”

·         Sandy Manoushagian, a Clinical Education Coordinator will join RN Jordan Staggs to present “Something New is Taking Shape: Design and Implementation of a standardized Bedside Shift Report Using the ISHAPED Algorithm.”

·         Inpatient Psychiatry RN Christina Tan, Hematology & Oncology RN Andra Alfaro, and Valerie Shorten, who started as a cook in the Cook Children’s cafeteria and worked her way up to unit secretary and then a NICU RN after earning her BSN, will present “Bundle Up & Sleep Tight! An Evidence-Based Project to Increase Awareness on Healthy Sleep Hygiene Habits and Interventions for Pediatric Patients with Behavioral Health Needs.”

·         Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator Nancy A. Russell, Wound/Ostomy Nurse Coordinator Mitsy McCutchen, and PICU Clinical Nurse Leader Cammie Larson will present “Hard-wiring Skin Assessment to Reduce Cervical Collar Pressure Injuries.”

·         Clinical Nurse Ceileigh King and Stacey Bancroft, Clinical Practice & Advanced Education Specialist, Level II, will present “Transpyloric Feeding Tube Placement at the Bedside: Streamlining Measurement, Insertion and Maintenance.”

·         Renee M Twaddle, an RN in the Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, will present “Examining Pain Memory in Pediatric ENT patients with Foreign Body Removals: An Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Project.”

·         RN Theresa McMinn will present “Building an Educational Bridge with Evidence-Based Practice on the Use of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Pediatric Critical Care.”

·         Julie Van Orne, an EBP/QI Coordinator, will present “The State of Tracheostomy Education Programs Across the United States: A National Survey of Children's Hospitals” with a colleague from Texas Children’s Hospital.

·         Katy Walthall and Abbie Garcia, Clinical Practice and Advanced Education Specialists II, will present “Virtual Preceptor Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Preceptor Demand and Traditional In-Person Learning.”

·         Jennifer Stephen, a Clinical Practice and Advanced Education Specialist, and Vicki Kelly, Assistant Direct of the Family Services Department, will be joined by a parent mentor to present “Connect, Collaborate, and Elevate the Patient Experience: Outcomes and Successes of an Interdisciplinary Hispanic Family Advisory Council.”

·         Jennifer Horn, a Quality Improvement Coordinator, and Alex Frejer, a Psychiatry Nurse Manager, will present “Implementation of a Behavioral Emergency Response Team in Pediatric Medical Center to Support Bedside Nurses and Improve Safety Outcomes.”

·         Jennifer Stephen will present “An Ethnonursing Study Exploring the Culturally Congruent Care Needs of Spanish Speaking Parents, Who Speak Little to No English, Whose Children Were Hospitalized.”

·         Mary Cazzell, the Director of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, will present “Relationships among Psychological Safety, High Reliability (HRO) Perception and Safety Reporting Intentions in the Pediatric Nursing Workforce.”