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Practicing Our Promise: You Did It!

Please take a few moments to watch a video and read a message from Matthew Dzurik, M.D., President of Cook Children's Physician Network, with the latest information on the renewal of the Practicing Our Promise program to recognize and celebrate the entire team for elevating the patient and family experience across Cook Children's Physician Network.

With this renewal of the program, last fiscal year, an annual gold and silver award will be given to top performers within each service line: Primary Care, Neighborhood Health Center, Specialty Department and Urgent Care Clinic.  For FY23, we decided to add a category for our Multispecialty/Regional Clinic locations.  

Check out our award winners and those we wanted to recognize here.

Winners: (or here)

FY23 Annual Award Categories – Experience Excellence

GOLD: Awarded to the top performer for LTR within each service line.

Winners: Allen Primary Care, Arlington Neighborhood Health Clinic, Prosper Urgent Care, Rheumatology, Midland Multi-Specialty

SILVER: Awarded to the second-place performer for LTR within service line.

Winners: Magnolia Primary Care, McCart Neighborhood Health Clinic, Southlake Urgent Care, Pain Clinic, San Angelo Multi-Specialty

 BRONZE: Awarded to all locations that attain their fiscal year LTR goal.

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