10:29 AM

Pressure Injury Prevention Day is Nov. 16

By Nancy A. Russell, MS, RN, CPN, CPPS, Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator, and Misty McCutchen, RN, BSN, CWOCN, CWS, CFCN, Wound/Ostomy Nurse Coordinator.

Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is Thursday, Nov. 16. This is a day set aside to focus on how we can help keep patients safe from this hospital-acquired harm.

A pressure injury is caused by something pressing or rubbing on one area of skin. The pressure prevents blood from getting to the skin causing the skin to die and a sore to form. The skin may be intact or an open ulcer. Pressure injuries usually form over bony areas such as on the back of the head, back, hips, buttocks, heels, or ankles, or under devices.

Our pediatric patients, even our smallest in the NICU, are at risk for pressure injuries, primarily from medical devices.  That is why staff assess skin under devices at least once a shift and off-load any pressure as much as possible.

We have an active SWAT Team – Skin, Wound and Assessment team – comprised of nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists who work closely with our Wound Care team to take care of our patients.

We will be rounding on Nov. 16 to tell you more about this important initiative. If you are interested in learning more about SWAT team or pressure injury prevention, contact nancy.russell@cookchildrnes.org.