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RAD: Systems of Self-Defense Course for Cook Children's Employees

R.A.D graphicR.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) is a women’s self-defense course that consists of safety and situational awareness education, physical skill instruction, and dynamic role-play training. The course is eight hours in length and is conducted in multiple sessions, which must be taken in order. This course is offered for FREE through Cook Children's Medical Center and will be conducted in the Wellness Zone.  

The class comprises approximately 25% classroom instruction and 75% physical application. The physical disciplines are designed to provide basic concepts and skills to individuals with limited self-defense experience. This is not an advanced program. Participation is COMPLETELY up to each individual student. In the course, students who choose to participate will learn to block, strike, kick, escape from holds, and exploit vulnerable locations, among other things. Students will also use their skills in dynamic settings, consisting of training against pads, simulated attacks, and role-play scenarios. It is a fun and engaging course to take and teach. Our students often complete the training feeling confident and empowered. Functional attire is recommended.

If you are interested in attending the class, please register through ULearn by searching for Noah. Participants who complete both sessions will receive 350 Vitality points.  


  • Noah J Sullivan
  • Erika Tyree

For any further questions, please contact:     

Noah J Sullivan, Safety/Security Training/Exercise coordinator

Office: 682-885-3928  Ext. 53928