09:54 AM

Spiritual Care: A New Name Reflecting Our Role

Cook Children's Spiritual Care

By Pam Foster, DMin, BCC 

We are renaming ourselves. Some folks, as adults, believe the name they were given at birth does not reflect who they have become. Our department is a bit like that. Our community that we serve has grown into a diverse population with many beliefs, values, and understandings. As we have embraced our community, we have adapted our ways of serving everyone. We conduct spiritual assessments, offer interventions and plan follow-ups for the patients and families we serve. We listen to the concerns and celebrations of our colleagues and peers. While our work is often pastoral in nature, it is always spiritual. We aim to nurture spiritual health and resiliency not as pastoral leaders from a specific religion, but as practitioners who professionally support diverse patients, families, and colleagues within their unique belief system.

Our Promise guides us in honoring every child’s life as sacred. We honor that truth regardless of the child and family’s particular faith system. Every life is sacred and our new name reflects that more clearly. The name “Spiritual Care” provides inclusivity and clarity that more accurately reflects the care provided.

So, in keeping with all the adaptations, we are changing our name to the Spiritual Care Department.