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Spotlight on DeLische Ferguson


DeLische Ferguson

If you ask DeLische Ferguson, LVN, what she enjoys most about working at Cook Children’s, she’ll tell you it’s that  “we’re all here to work toward the common goal of taking care of kiddos.”

DeLische delivers care as a team player in the Cook Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat office. She wears many hats as she plays a role during each step of patients’ visits, according to their identified needs. 

“I get to teach patients and parents about procedures and help them understand how to take care of themselves after surgeries,” she says. “I do triage calls and check in patients if needed. The only step I’m not a part of is the actual surgery.”

She values togetherness and says each employee plays a part in creating a one-of-a-kind experience at Cook Children’s. She proves this thought when she describes one of her favorite memories that occurred during her first years as an LVN.

A child had come from West Texas, after visiting other hospitals to receive care for a few health anomalies. Working together, DeLische and her team were able to conduct a swallow study, hearing tests and set up visits to specialty clinics for the child within a matter of a few hours.

“We were able to take care of her and get her scheduled with other clinics, so her family didn’t have to make another trip into town,” she says. “Being able to have that connection with other departments and being able to coordinate all of her visits was huge.”

DeLische and her team saw that child until she was 4. The patient’s family has sent letters expressing thanks for taking care of their daughter so well.

“To work together and see progress as the patients grow up makes it all worthwhile,” she says.

The value DeLische places on working together may be attributed to her upbringing.

DeLische’s father served in the military, so she grew up all over the world. By the time she was 17 years old, she had spent half of her life overseas. During her freshman and sophomore years of high school, she lived in South Korea and spent time traveling to Japan .

“During those years, my mom kept us all together as a family, even with my dad being thousands of miles away,” DeLische says. “Because of her, we were able to stay together and travel overseas. The coolest thing is that she and my dad wrote letters to each other every day they were apart.”

DeLische’s example proves that when we work together, we create a whole that is greater than its parts, which makes us proud to say #WeAreCookChildrens.