11:24 AM

Team Peak Performers: COVID Hotline Team


The COVID Hotline Team are Team Peak Performer recipients for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerPaige Brown and Amy Green are silent heroes during the most difficult time for so many Cook Children’s employees and their families. Hundreds of employees have called the COVID Hotline through three major COVID waves and spoke to either Amy or Paige. Many people didn't understand that they didn't just answer a hotline and take their name and information. They were answering a crisis line for what seemed 24/7 for multiple months. They gave their compassion and empathy to everyone that called. Speaking to employees who were scared, crying, angry, and sick for themselves and their families. Paige and Amy were there for them.

Paige would call her connections in other hospitals to make sure she knew where open adult beds were available because every day an employee would call her sick with COVID and someone in the family was also so sick. Often those who called in would not go to the hospital because they were scared to be alone in the emergency room and feared they might not make it home. Paige always remained calm and reassuring and would make sure they had hospital information on hand so they could make the best decision for their family. Paige was redeployed to this position and gave so much of herself, we were worried about her own health as these calls came in daily. She would just smile and say it was ok, our Cook Children's family needed her.

Amy transferred from Children's Health in Dallas to our Infection Control team in August 2020. She went straight to the COVID hotline and took off running and made so many improvements to the process so it could run efficiently as possible. Amy and Paige became their own support system from day one. Amy had the energy and drive to make sure all of the hundreds of people on quarantine had all of their paperwork processed and to make sure they could return to work. I have never seen two employees become such good friends and teammates so fast. Amy kept it going even during the slow times by herself, while Paige went back to her previous position in the volunteer office until the next wave would come. Paige and Amy showed the utmost compassion and dedication to Cook Children’s and each other during this difficult time.