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Active Criminal Event Overview: Know How to Safely Report and Respond


Cook Children’s offers in-person and online security courses to provide employees with strategies to reduce risk in case of a shooting or other violence at any location in the system.

The recent senseless violence that took the lives of two people at Methodist Dallas Medical Center serve as a tragic reminder for the need to be prepared for what was once the unthinkable. 

As we've communicated to all Cook Children's employees, it is extremely important for staff to be prepared and ready for these events.

Three in-person courses are available for employees and are designed to promote awareness, defuse an escalating crisis, and respond to an active criminal event. Employees may register through ULearn on CookNet. (Hint: To locate the courses in ULearn, select the Courses tab, clear all filters, and enter “Noah” in the Search Courses field.) The courses are progressive and offered monthly at the Medical Center.

For those who can’t attend in person, a version of training for Active Criminal Event procedures is also offered online.

In the 20-minute video below, Noah Sullivan, safety and security training and exercise coordinator, shares an overview and top highlights of the Active Criminal Event course. You will learn how to recognize, report and respond to an Active Criminal Event. 


Be Alert…Stay Safe: Cook Children's Alert System

As a reminder, in the event of any emergency situation, it is important that you are registered in our Cook Children’s Alert System to receive timely notifications on your personal devices. The alerts will keep you up-to-date whether you are at work or not. 

Participation is highly recommended, as it is the most immediate way for this important information to get to you when an emergency happens. This is NOT a spam service and only utilized during an actual event or a highly important/urgent situation.

Be alert-AtHoc

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This Video was very helpful and educational to our office . Thank you , Noah .