11:35 AM

Burnout Survey Postponed

we heard you

We have heard from some of you that now is not the right time to conduct a burnout survey. As we are wrapping up our Joint Commission survey, we know you may be just plain exhausted next week, when the Maslach Burnout Survey was set to kick off, so we are postponing it.

To the 891 of you who completed the Patient Safety & Nursing Excellence Survey last year, and the 2,505 of you who completed the Inclusion Diversity and Equity “Open Arms” Survey, we say thank you. Your feedback matters. We have taken what you told us and are working on implementing changes. Remember, we are still accepting applications for the new ID&E employee-driven Task Force.

Your voice mattersBecause we want to give every employee a chance to be heard, we will conduct a burnout survey at a later date. Moreover, after that survey is completed, we will take the findings, develop a formal implementation plan and share both the findings and this plan with you.

However, if you want us to know anything that cannot wait until a future survey date (suggestions, comments, concerns, ideas, feedback, etc.) please send a private email to InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org. Your name will not be shared with anyone, and your comments will be anonymous.

In the meantime, if you are struggling in any way and need support, please don’t forget EAP, our employee well-being program. You can make an appointment with an EAP therapist, who is on-site at the CareATC office off of Henderson and Pennsylvania in Fort Worth, by calling 1-800-395-1616.  Many more well-being and mental health resources are here

We will continue to share the latest news with you, including any future dates of surveys, right here on the Cook Children’s Connect newsroom.

Thank you for all you are doing to live out Our Promise.