13:50 PM

Update: Burnout Survey

Burnout Image CoverWe wanted to take a moment to update you on the continued burnout survey work being done across the System. Your feedback from the survey continues to guide us as we connect the dots between the important job that you do and the fulfilling work life we want each of you to experience daily.

Results Sharing

To date all executives and their leadership teams have received results for their direct reports. Most department leaders have also shared results with their teams with some remaining departments finishing up by the end of this month. If you haven’t already, you should learn your results from your manager or director very soon.

Physician Results Sharing

The physician wellness advocates, Sara Garza, M.D., and Kirk Pinto, M.D., are nearing the end of the physician survey results reporting and listening rounds with clinics and departments within the Physician Network. If any physician missed their department’s results meeting, they can reach out to Kim Swain in CCPN Administration to set up a meeting to review survey results.

As part of their results reporting meetings, they’ve asked physicians to serve as wellness champions and have had almost 20 primary care and specialty care physicians express interest. This group will work together on a framework for addressing physician feedback from the survey.  

Focus Groups

As we mentioned in the last burnout survey communication, 68 departments were identified as priority areas that need additional support. The Team Experience & Organizational Development team will begin focus groups with teams in May and these will run through the summer. Focus groups allow for open discussions about the survey’s findings and help us learn about any changes that have occurred over the past few months. Most importantly, agreed-upon initiatives and next steps will be established to ensure the most meaningful change for each team.

New Burnout Resources for Leaders

Here are two resources that can assist leaders with more clarity on understanding, addressing and preventing burnout:

 These guides touch on:

  • Leader support throughout the upcoming focus groups, but also, for other similar activities leaders might be interested in initiating within their teams to collect feedback and address opportunities.
  • Overview of key measures of the burnout survey.
  • Tips on taking in feedback and creating psychological safety for people to share feedback.
  • How to take action on your team’s feedback to improve their work life.
  • Following up on your team’s progress for meaningful change to their work life.
  • We look forward to sharing updates on our progress addressing and preventing burnout here at Cook Children’s.

 For current resources to support your well-being, click here.