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Workday Model Gives Tools for Supervisory Tasks

Managers can approve expenses, create job requisitions, and much more using Workday’s Manager Self-Service (MSS) feature.

The Workday software platform is coming to Cook Children’s in July, replacing Lawson. The biggest changes involve our processes for Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resources. Think of it this way: Whatever you currently do in Lawson, you’ll do in Workday a few months from now.

Tell me more about MSS. It’s short for Manager Self-Service. A manager in Workday is anyone who supervises one or more direct reports. The MSS capabilities include these functions:

  • My Team – a dashboard linking you to the most common actions and views related to your team
  • Hiring – view open requisitions and go to links such as Create Position and Close Position  
  • Compensation – see your team’s pay information
  • Onboarding – provides information to all new hires and internal employees transferring into new positions

Actions that managers can take in Workday include approve, send back, save for later, delegate, submit, cancel and deny. In the recruiting process, managers can use Workday to create a requisition, schedule an interview with a candidate, request an offer, and set up onboarding. Tools in Workday also enable managers to view expenses on a dashboard and to make job changes such as promotions or transfers. 

“Our hiring managers will enjoy the convenience of having all their recruiting, finance, supply chain, etc. in one location,” said Suzanne Seider, director of Talent Acquisition at Cook Children’s.  “Currently, a manager who is recruiting a new person has work in both Position Manager and Lawson, and it can be confusing to know where to find some things.  Workday will give them a one-stop shop for all their recruiting needs!”

Manager Self-Service is distinct from Employee Self-Service (ESS), which impacts everyone and is highlighted in Manage Your Data with Workday’s Employee Self-Service (cookchildrensconnect.com).

Ongoing stories in the Connect Newsletter will help you know what to expect and how to prepare for this exciting launch. Here are a few other frequently asked questions:

Is Kronos going away? No. You will continue to clock in and out, submit PTO, approve timecards and manage schedules in Kronos.

How can we sign up for training? A schedule of online and in-person sessions is posted on ULearn. Training will be offered throughout May and June. The type of training you’ll need depends on your role.

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