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Workday Registration Opens for Online Training Courses

Sign up now to learn how to view your paycheck, submit expense reports and navigate Workday by completing the online training available via ULearn.

Remember, the Workday platform is launching at Cook Children’s a few months from now, replacing Lawson. Every employee will be affected by the changeover. Benefits, purchase orders, inventory tracking, recruitment, job postings and much more will look different beginning in July. 

As with any new system, there will be a learning curve. That’s why it is important to go through the training. Registration is open for two types of virtual training. Click the course titles to open ULearn and view course dates:

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) – one hour. All staff will need this course and for most employees, this is the only training needed. This course teaches how to use the Workday dashboard, review pay and benefits, change emergency contacts, etc. Classes begin May 8. Multiple dates are available; choose a morning or afternoon session to accommodate your schedule. 
  • Manager Self-Service (MSS) -- two hours. This course is for any staff with direct reports and any staff who will submit and/or approve Supply or Employee requisitions (including personnel actions). This course teaches how to view employee information, approve requests, delegate tasks, and other processes. Classes begin May 16. Multiple dates are available; choose a morning or afternoon session to accommodate your schedule. Note: The content of the MSS course differs from the ESS course, which means that managers need to take both.

The curriculum will vary according to each employee’s role and responsibilities. Instructor-led classes, computer-based training and virtual webinars will be provided for those who require specific training in Finance, Human Resources, and Supply Chain.

Cook Children’s is making other resources available too to help ensure a smooth transition to Workday. Look for step-by-step tip sheets coming soon and informative videos, like this one about the mobile app.

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