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Connect Newsletter (April 22, 2022)

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April 22, 2022

April ProsperCastApril ProsperCast: Learn About Latest Prosper News, Job Openings and Employee Referral Bonus Program

Our second episode of ProsperCast is here!

Kevin Green, AVP, Administrator, Prosper, and Cheryl Petersen, VP, Nursing, CNO CCMC, are back again and guide us through our April ProsperCast. 

Suzanne Seider, director of Talent Acquisition, also joins us with an overview on the Employee Referral Bonus Program and all the latest job openings in the Prosper area to send to your network of peers and friends!

Anthony Anani, M.D., gastroenterologist and medical director for Clinical Services, and Teresa Baker, AVP of Primary and Specialty Services, each share about the exciting things rolling out in Prosper and why existing employees should look to join the efforts to open up our brand new hospital.


Burnout Image CoverSystem-Wide Burnout Survey Put on Pause

We have heard from some of you that now is not the right time to conduct a burnout survey. As we are wrapping up our Joint Commission survey, we know you may be just plain exhausted next week, when the Maslach Burnout Survey was set to kick off, so we are postponing it.

Because we want to give every employee a chance to be heard, we will conduct a burnout survey at a later date. Moreover, after that survey is completed, we will take the findings, develop a formal implementation plan and share both the findings and this plan with you.

We also want to provide you with helpful resources:


stock-photo-closeup-of-business-team-putting-their-hands-on-top-of-each-other-125165846.jpgApply Now for Cook Children's ID&E Task Force!

The deadline to apply for the brand-new, employee-driven ID&E Task Force is April 29. Don't be shy! Now is your chance to make your voice heard and make real change happen at Cook Children's. 

Chief of Communications and ID&E Wini King explains in this video that the task force is not meant to be permanent, it will be temporary.

“This group will be charged with developing the ID&E strategy for Cook Children's,” she said. “However,  I want to be clear. This task force is not trying to change the culture at Cook Children's. We already have a wonderful, rich culture. We simply want to refine it so that it allows every employee and every patient to feel valued, respected, welcomed and that they belong.” 

“We want this task force to truly represent our organization. We want people from all over the system to be part of this task force. And we want it to truly reflect the population at Cook Children's across all diversity dimensions regardless of your race, or ethnicity, or if you're a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, a military veteran or if you have a disability. We want everyone represented.” 

Please apply now before the end of April!


experience standardsPatient Experience Week

Patient, Family and Member Experience Week 2022 runs from April 25-29. 

Next week is all about the Cook Children's Experience standards, Connect-Collaborate-Elevate. If you ordered a Patient Experience standards T-shirt, show it off by wearing it during this week. 

The Patient Experience team has something fun planned every day next week. We hope you will take part. 


Patient Representative TeamSpotlight On Our Patient Representative Team

Studies have shown negative experiences present hospitals with unique opportunities. Families who believe they have been listened to empathetically after encountering challenges can become more loyal to a hospital than other families who experienced no problems throughout an entire visit.

The Patient Representative team (Reagan White, Lauren Simpson, and Hugo Busane) strive to make such outcomes a reality for families at Cook Children’s, and they want to share ways others can improve patient satisfaction as well.  Walking into a room to try turning frustration into loyalty may feel like a leap into the dark, but it is as easy as Listening, Empathizing, Acknowledging, and Problem Solving (LEAP).

Improving communication is the starting point for promoting patient satisfaction, and nothing works better than making parents feel heard. Active listening is the key.

Active listening begins when you stop thinking about how you’re going to answer someone while they’re still talking. If you fall into that trap, your attention is on what you intend to say rather than what they are saying. Clearing your thoughts and looking people in the eye will help them know you are interested in hearing them. As the team says, treat the person before you treat the problem.



Explore the Latest Patient Safety Bulletin*

​Each quarter, our Quality and Safety team shines a light on important news and happenings around Cook Children’s concerning patient safety:

*Note: you must be connected to the network to access this page.


organdonationstoryTwo Families Share Their Stories Of Children Who Gave, Received Organs Through Transplant

In honor of National Donate Life Blue & Green Day, we're sharing the stories of an organ donor, Justin, and an organ recipient, Ellie.

National Donate Life Blue & Green Day, observed every year on April 22, puts a spotlight on the campaign to raise awareness about organ donation. Supporters are wearing blue and green today to encourage more people to register as organ, eye and tissue donors. Almost 106,000 people in the United States are waiting for a lifesaving transplant, according to the American Transplant Foundation. 

Understanding organ transplant requires two perspectives: the donor, living or deceased; and the sick person on the receiving end. In honor of National Donate Life Blue & Green Day, we want to explain the viewpoints and emotions from both sides. Here are Ellie’s and Justin’s stories.


volunteerweekCelebrating Volunteer Week: Meet the People Who Give Their Time to Help Patients, Families

It’s National Volunteer Week and we’re highlighting some of the amazing people who dedicate their time to Cook Children’s patients, families and Our Promise.

National Volunteer Week (April 17-23) recognizes the contributions that volunteers make every day across the country and encourages others to discover their path to making a difference.

Cook Children’s Health Care System currently has 759 active volunteers. Half of our volunteers are virtual and work in the Stitch-A-Wish program, Family Advisory Councils, Lend-a-Hand projects, as well as off-site locations, such as camps.

Each one of our volunteers is an important part of the patient experience at Cook Children's. Through their gifts of time, talent, and compassion, volunteers help sick and injured children and their families have the best experience possible under their circumstances.

Directing and escorting visitors, reading books, playing in the playrooms, comforting little ones, educating parents about infant safety, and helping customers in the gift shop are just a few ways our volunteers make a challenging time better, put a smile on a child's face, or support an anxious parent.

Let us introduce you to a few of the volunteers here at Cook Children’s.


Ramadan 2022: What You Need To Know

During the month of April, you may find some of our patient families, neighbors or coworkers celebrating Ramadan. With that in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide some helpful information about this Islamic holy month. 

When does Ramadan start? 

Ramadan begins the evening of April 2 and ends on May 1 in the U.S. 

How do Muslims celebrate Ramadan?

Followers of the Islamic faith will celebrate Ramadan by fasting, not eating or drinking any food or water from dawn to dusk each day. These fasting periods can range from 11-16 hours per day. Before fasting each day, Muslims will begin with a pre-fast meal called “suhoor” and then begin the “iftar” the first prayer of the day.  

This ritual of daily fasting gives Muslims a period of spiritual reflection.  

Here are a few tips and best practices to keep in mind during the month of Ramadan:

Be aware of potential side effects of fasting. During this time, some people may experience low blood-sugar levels and/or be more tired.

Allow for flexibility, if possible. If possible, try to accommodate anyone who will engage in the required prayer five times a day. This includes allowing time for breaks and trying to provide a quiet, private space for prayer.

Appropriate greetings include:

  • Ramadan Mubarak
  • Blessed Ramadan
  • Happy Ramadan
  • Ramadan Kareem
  • Generous Ramadan.

Do all Muslims have to fast during Ramadan?

Muslims who reached the age of puberty and are of good physical and mental health are expected to fast. But those for whom fasting may be a hardship are not required to fast (i.e., diabetics). Reasons for not fasting include travel, menstruation, women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, or those with disabilities or illnesses. 

To learn more, click our source material:  https://www.diversityincbestpractices.com/diversityinc-digest-ramadan/

In our efforts to promote inclusion, diversity and equity, we want to hear from you. If you want to share your culture with our organization, we encourage you to send us an email to InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org. Please send us an objective website about your topic to allow us to learn more.


Happy Retirement!

Please join us in recognizing the upcoming retirements below! 

Wayne Yee, M.D., (pictured left) is retiring from the system on Friday, April 29, after more than 27 years of service to Cook Children's. Dr. Yee has been associated with Cook Children's for more than 35 years and we thank him for his dedication to serving our Promise. 

We encourage you to take a moment to send Dr. Yee a farewell note or a congratulatory eCard by April 29.

Briddy Simeroth, Rehab Services manager (pictured right) is retiring from the system on Friday, May 6, after more than 15 years of service to Cook Children's. 

We encourage you to take a moment to send Briddy a farewell note or a congratulatory eCard by May 6.

retirements april 21


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