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Workday Wednesday (May 31, 2023)


May 31, 2023

Workday Experts: Panel Discussion

We want to make every effort to keep you as informed as possible about Workday. Today, we have a unique opportunity to hear from our experts. Please take 20 minutes of your time to watch this informative video hosted by Wini King, SVP, Chief of Communications, Inclusion, Equity & Diversity at Cook Children's. Joining Wini are:

  • LaKami Bryant, Vice President, Revenue Cycle & Enterprise Applications 
  • Myranda Miller, Vice President, Corporate Controller 
  • Sheila Guinn, Director, Supply Chain Management
  • Merridth Simpson, AVP, Human Resources Operations

Please click here to watch. 

workday discussion


_E174535Workday to Automate More Functions for Finance

Every employee at Cook Children’s will see some changes in July when Workday replaces Lawson. The biggest changes impact the roles of Finance, Human Resources and Supply Chain. 

Workday will be a big change for all of the financial teams including Payroll, Accounts Payable, Grants, and the various Finance teams.  While change is always hard, we believe Workday will improve processes and efficiency, and put better and more timely data in the hands of the business.

The switch to Workday at Cook Children’s this summer brings an end to the paper trail of interoffice mail and original receipts for submitting expense reports.  You’ll be able to use your phone to take a picture of receipts and upload those directly into Workday. Workday reads the receipts and fills in as many fields as possible.

“Completing the expense report will be easy,” said Myranda Miller, Corporate Controller, Finance VP. “Once you submit, it will automatically route for the required approvals, and you will be able to see the status all the way through the process.” 

Please read the entire article here.


What Is a Freeze Date?

As we phase out Lawson and prepare to launch Workday in July, we must halt certain activities temporarily so that we can get the data transitioned from one system to the other. The dates for which each activity is halted is called a Freeze Date.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with these dates so that you can plan accordingly for your upcoming activities.

We have done our best to keep these freeze periods as short as possible, and we appreciate your support and patience with this effort.  Should you have an urgent business need during a freeze period, please have your Vice President reach out to the Workday leadership team: Beth Schmidt, LaKami Bryant, John Kott, and Myranda Miller. 

For most items, you can still submit requests during this timeframe, but we cannot record the changes until we are live in Workday.

First, starting June 5, employees will no longer be able to make self-service changes to their information in Lawson. You can still view your information in Lawson, even after Workday goes live. But if the need arises for urgent changes involving W4s or direct deposits between June 5-30, the link to the forms can be located on the CookNet Payroll Department home page.  Please complete the form and either scan to the CPayroll mailbox or fax to 682-885-1313.   For any questions, you should contact Cook Children’s Payroll.

Second, a freeze in changes to benefits will be in place June 10-30. For current employees, there will be no impact unless you have a Qualifying Life Event (for example: changes to household such as marriage, birth of a child or death in the family) that makes you eligible for a special enrollment period outside of annual open enrollment.

Per federal regulation, benefit elections may not be changed until the next plan year’s open enrollment, except for instances of a Qualifying Life Event. A full list of exceptions can be found in the Benefits Guide, but the more common changes are mentioned above.

If you have a qualifying event during the blackout period, contact Cook Children’s Benefits for assistance. For new hires, the last day for enrollment in Empyrean is June 9.

All employees should pay close attention to items in blue, other items primarily pertain to managers. 

Topcic NameTaskWorkstreamStart DateEnd Date
People RequisitionsNo new reqs open in Lawson after June 2- Any Req's opened by June 2 will be completed in Position Manager and manually hired in to Workday and onboarding will be done in Workday. No Req's between June 3 to June 18.Recruiting6/2/20236/30/2023
PositionsNo new/updated Positions in Lawson - No additional positions nor changes to existing positions can be done as we will be pulling data for final conversion June 5. No changes to any employee data between June 3 - June 30. Examples of some data: Recruiting6/2/20236/30/2023
Employee Changes
  • No Changes
  • No Manager Changes
  • No Promotions
  • Merit Increases
Lawson Employee Self ServiceLawson ESS is no longer available.  Urgent W4 and Direct Deposit changes will have to be sent to Payroll on paper forms.HCM6/5/20236/30/2023
Benefits Changes
  • Benefit Freeze June 10 to June 30.
  • New hire enrollment last day in Empyrean is June 9
  • No Qualifying Life Events (QLE) after June 9.
  • Emergency Qualifying Event process will be in place.
P-Cards / Corporate CardsNo new Purchasing Cards ordered after June 9.AP6/10/20237/7/2023
Signature CardsSignature Cards.FIN6/10/20237/7/2023
Job AdvertisementsThe job board will be down from June 13 to July 18.Recruiting6/13/20236/18/2023
Expense ReportsLawson, otherwise they must be re-done in Workday Expenses starting 7/1.Exp6/16/20237/1/2023
Manual Payroll ChecksNO MANUAL CHECKS should be issued out of Lawson after historical data is pulled. Last off cycle is June 16. PAY6/16/20237/5/2023

To see the full list of upcoming freeze dates, click here.


Workday CoverWhat to Know About Workday

We've sent out quite a lot about Workday in recent months. In case you missed an article or you want to read something again, please click any of the following resource links: