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Workday Wednesday (June 21, 2023)


June 21, 2023

Workday Home The Workday Site is Now Live on CookNet!

Please take the time to visit our new Workday site. This is a one-stop shop for any Workday information! The site has common hyperlinks and contact information, as well as important info on freeze dates related to the go live, and it has a library of tip sheets and videos that walk you step-by-step through various common tasks performed in Workday! Please check out the Workday FAQ document compiled from the Employee (ESS) and Manager (MSS) sessions attended over the last few months!

When we go live on July 1, you’ll also find real time support information, such as drop in Zoom session links for questions!


Cost Centers Announcement Important Cook Children's Kronos Cost Centers Information

Please click here to see a pdf showing COST CENTER CHANGES. You can also find a an Excel sheet under “Downloads” at the top of this page. 

Please note that cost centers appear differently in Workday, and Kronos is now showing these changes.

The company number now shows in front of the cost center and SOME COST CENTERS HAVE CHANGED.

Please be sure your staff are aware of this change, especially if their cost center changed. This impacts timeclock transfers and timeclock adjustment forms.


Key Supply Chain Dates Coming Soon that Will Impact All Departments

 Non-stock Lawson Supply/Equipment requisitions not fully approved by June 28, 2023, (one week from today) at noon will be canceled and not processed. Those requisitions will need to be re-entered by the requestor in Workday once the new system is live. 

The two key Supply Chain dates coming soon that will impact all departments:

June 28, 2023 at 10 a.m.:  Stock (STOR) Lawson requisitions not entered by this time will not be processed, those requisitions will need to be re-entered by the requestor in Workday once the new system is live

June 28, 2023 at noon: Non-stock Lawson requisitions not fully approved by this time will not be processed, those requisitions like above, will need to be re-entered by the requestor in Workday

NOTE: If Supply Chain manages your supply rooms, we will continue to do so manually during these down-time events.


LaKami BryantWorkday Elevates the Employee Experience

After almost two years of planning, design, and preparation Lawson is being phased out as Cook Children’s launches Workday in July.

The transition to Workday is a big undertaking that involves collaboration across departments and teams within departments. Every employee will be impacted when Workday goes live next month. You can expect a new look when viewing paychecks, making changes to benefit selections, viewing and updating your personal information, expense report capture, engagement, and much more. Employees in HR, Finance and Supply Chain expect a greater impact because their day-to-day operations will occur in Workday.

 “This is an important and highly visible change and the project team has been working diligently to ensure a smooth and accurate transition from Lawson to Workday,” said LaKami, VP Revenue Cycle and Enterprise Applications. “The features and functionality within Workday will elevate the employee experience and allow us to interact in a whole new way.”

Please click here for the rest of the story.


Verify Information in Workday Prior to First Paychecks … and Carefully Look Over The First Paychecks

Before the first paychecks are processed next month in Workday, it’s important for every employee to review the accuracy of their name, pay rate and other key information on the new platform.

Starting July 1, the staff at Cook Children’s will be able to access Workday from a computer or a mobile device using the Workday app. As soon as possible – prior to July 7, the first check date in Workday -- it’s critical to review your:

Data to Review

What to do if incorrect


Submit name change request in Workday 

Title, Supervisor, Full-time equivalent (FTE), rate of pay

Contact ASKHRIS@cookchildrens.org

Benefit Elections

Contact Alight – 833-938-4154

W4 Tax Elections

Update Tax Elections in Workday 

Direct deposit information

Update direct deposition information in Workday


The first payroll will be processed in Workday on July 3-4, (the deadlines will not change due to the July 4th holiday) which covers the pay period 6-18-2023 through 7-1-2023. Pay slips will be available to view/print as soon as payroll closes on July 4.

Employees should review their first check to validate hours, rate of pay, tax elections and benefit elections. You’ll be able to access your pay slip under “Quick Tasks/ My Payslips” on the Workday employee home page. The formatting in Workday is a little different from Lawson, but the information on the pay slip will be the same.

For specific questions related to hours paid, tax elections or direct deposits, employees can contact the Payroll team by sending an email to the CPayroll mailbox.

Please read the full article here.


Freeze Dates

As we phase out Lawson and prepare to launch Workday in July, we must halt certain activities temporarily so that we can get the data transitioned from one system to the other. The dates for which each activity is halted is called a Freeze Date.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with these dates so that you can plan accordingly for your upcoming activities.

We have done our best to keep these freeze periods as short as possible, and we appreciate your support and patience with this effort.  Should you have an urgent business need during a freeze period, please have your Vice President reach out to the Workday leadership team: Beth Schmidt, LaKami Bryant, John Kott, and Myranda Miller, and we will evaluate to see if an alternative is possible. 

To see the full list, click here.

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workday-og-themeWhat to Know About Workday

We've sent out quite a lot about Workday in recent months. In case you missed an article or you want to read something again, please click any of the following resource links: