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Workday Wednesday (June 14, 2023)


June 14, 2023

Changes On The Horizon For Kronos Transfers

Because departments are no longer being used when we switch to Workday, Kronos transfers at the clock or on the schedule will utilize a “company and cost center.”   See the two job aids: How to transfer Cost Center at the time clock, and How to apply a Cost Center transfer within Scheduler.   

IMPORTANT:  Starting June 18, all existing future department transfers already on an employee’s Kronos schedule are being updated to the new “company _ cost center” format.  Please do not make any changes to those updates (unless the transfer needs to be removed) or this will prevent the transfer from pulling into Workday correctly.   Any additional transfers taking place after June 18, should be held and added after the beginning of the go-live pay period June 18. Kronos will be updated with the new format as of that date. 


Training Video for Supply Orders Now on ULearn

The process for ordering supplies in Workday is explained in a new 10-minute training video available here on ULearn. The video includes step-by-step instructions. Printed copies of directions are coming soon as guides for supply order procedures.      

Courses for Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) training run through June but are filling up fast. Recorded videos of the sessions are available on ULearn to watch at your convenience! Simply view the list of sessions for ESS and MSS to find the recorded sessions. The one-hour ESS course covers the Workday dashboard, how to view your paycheck and much more. The two-hour MSS course includes topics such as approving requests and delegating tasks. Managers should do both the ESS and MSS training.


Beth SchmidtWorkday to Bring New Look to Benefits Enrollment

Employees can expect a different look to open enrollment this year because Cook Children’s will be utilizing the new Workday platform for the process.

The period for open enrollment – when you’re able to make updates to your elections for health savings accounts and other benefits – always occurs in August. Cook Children’s has used a third-party vendor for this annual process in the past. But we’re moving to Workday as our tool for electing 2023-2024 benefits, which will start Oct. 1.  

Open enrollment is one example of the changes coming to Cook Children’s after Workday goes into effect July 1, replacing Lawson and other platforms. Workday will also change the way we view our paychecks, submit expense reports and much more. Human Resources (HR), Finance and Supply Chain areas will be especially impacted by the new business processes.

Beth Schmidt, Vice President HR, encourages all employees to take advantage of the training courses available on ULearn. “Workday is going to be a significant change for every single employee in this organization. Everybody gets a paycheck, so everybody's going to have to interact with Workday,” she said.

Please read the entire article here. 


Freeze Dates

As we phase out Lawson and prepare to launch Workday in July, we must halt certain activities temporarily so that we can get the data transitioned from one system to the other. The dates for which each activity is halted is called a Freeze Date.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with these dates so that you can plan accordingly for your upcoming activities.

We have done our best to keep these freeze periods as short as possible, and we appreciate your support and patience with this effort.  Should you have an urgent business need during a freeze period, please have your Vice President reach out to the Workday leadership team: Beth Schmidt, LaKami Bryant, John Kott, and Myranda Miller, and we will evaluate to see if an alternative is possible. 

To see the full list, click here.

Topic NameTaskWorkstreamStart DateEnd Date
Signature CardsSignature Cards.FIN6/10/20237/3/2023
Job Advertisements

Internal Job Board: Down Until July 1.

External site goes live on Monday, June 19

Recruiting6/13/20236/18/2023 External; 7/1/2023 Internal
Expense ReportsExpense reports need full approved and received in AP by 6/16 to get paid in Lawson, otherwise they must be re-done in Workday Expenses starting 7/1.Exp6/16/20237/1/2023
Manual Payroll ChecksNO MANUAL CHECKS should be issued out of Lawson after historical data is pulled. Last off cycle is June 16. PAY6/16/20237/5/2023
Suppliers/VendorsSupplier Freeze: no new/updates to vendor master files.AP6/18/20237/2/2023
Item MasterItem Master Freeze: No new/updating of item master SCM6/18/20237/2/2023
No new routine Lawson Item numbers will be created, but critical items will still be added to Lawson. Once live with Workday, the new item add process will resume as normal.
New InvoicesNo new Invoices in Lawson. From 6/22 invoices will hold in OnBase until Workday is up. If an urgent invoice must be paid before July, it will need physical signatures and be keyed directly in Lawson.AP6/21/20237/2/2023
Invoice ApprovalsInvoices in Lawson must be fully approved by 6/23, or they will have to be reprocessed in Workday.AP6/23/20237/2/2023



Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering about specific topics as we gear up to launch Workday at Cook Children’s just a few weeks from now. Check out these Top 10 FAQs from employees and managers!


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